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Things You Should Know About the DevOps Foundation Course Before Taking It

The best DevOps foundation training course across the world is provided by KnowledgeHut. It’s just a two-day extensive learning training course that provides you with all the knowledge about DevOps and helps you attain master-level skills in the least amount of time. You can take this course any time of the year because it’s always available. The DevOps Foundation course makes you earn job-ready skills so that once you have attained the certification you can professionally work with your DevOps skills. This article provides detailed information about the training course which you should go through if you’re wondering whether or not you should take the training. 

DevOps is a set of practices that brings together IT operations and software development. Its main goal is to shorten the systems development life cycle to provide continuous delivery with high-quality software to the client. DevOps comes along with Agile software development and many of its aspects originate from the methods of Agile. Through the DevOps Foundation Certification course, you’ll gain organizational skills to increase agility and decrease expense, learn the practices of DevOps to manifest better and faster work, and gain experiential learning through real-world stories, engaging activities, case studies, and much more.

The Key Features of the DevOps Foundation Training Course of 2 Days Offered by KnowledgeHut

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  • Live instructor-led training sessions for 16 hours so that you can have a real-time learning experience and clear any doubts that you have.
  • After completing the course, you’ll earn a total of 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs.
  • The course material and the curriculum that is followed are in guidance with the DevOps Institute.
  • Experiential learning is provided to the practitioner so that he has real-world training experience even before working.
  • The extensive course is provided with detailed information about DevOps and the candidate is made to master their skills through various case studies and activities.
  • Since the goal is to make the candidate ready for the certification which can’t be received unless they clear the examination, therefore, a lot of exam support including study material and guidance is also provided.

The High Demand of DevOps Foundation Professional in Various Industries

DevOps has a huge value to it and a person who is skilled in it is highly demanded in various industries. According to a DevOps Trends Survey that was conducted in 2020, approximately 99% of the respondents said that DevOps was very beneficial to their organization. It is expected that by 2025, the DevOps global market would grow at a CAGR of 25% (Grand View Research). Software is required by almost all sorts of industries and therefore the demand for developers is also increasing every single day. Many industries like IT, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, E-commerce, and Banking are using DevOps practices because of its various benefits like reducing time and increasing the quality of the software. Some of the major companies hiring DevOps Professionals at an average salary of $700,000 per year are SAP, Intuit, Informatica, Autodesk, IBM, and Capital One (Glassdoor). 

Reasons to Do the DevOps Foundation Certification Training Course offered by KnowledgeHut

  • There is an extensive range of activities, exercises, case studies, hands-on learning, and energetic workshops that are provided for experiential learning to the candidate. Learning through experience is one of the best methods of learning because we mostly learn through practical knowledge and making mistakes. Furthermore, experiential workshops prepare a person for the real world.
  • An elite panel of experienced trainers teaches the two-day DevOps Foundation course. The trainers are highly experienced in teaching DevOps as they have worked in the field for many years and have successfully software development at an expert level.
  • By taking the course from KnowledgeHut you also gain access to a huge amount of study material and learning resources that are offered by the DevOps Institute and also become a member of the largest global DevOps community.
  • Experts who are currently working in the industry also come along to provide their mentorship and guidance from time to time. The mentorship is one-to-one and you’ll gain a lot of real-world tips and techniques that only an experienced professional can tell you.
  • An exclusive post-training session that lasts for 6 months is also provided after you attain a job as a DevOps professional to help you face any new challenge and guide you on the right path.
  • KnowledgeHut understands that even after taking the course you’ll require study material to clear your exam and for that it provides continuous support to the candidates through webinars, tutorials, e-books, articles, and frequently asked questions.

How to Attain the DevOps Foundation Certification?

If you’ve decided to take the course then don’t waste any more of your time and follow the below-given steps to attain the certification. Attaining the certification is very easy if you’ve paid attention to the extensive course and gained all the important knowledge. You need to prepare yourself for the exam through research-based deep learning and once you’ve passed it, you attain the certification. The exam is a 1-hour open-book online exam that has only 40 MCQs. A minimum score of 65% is required to pass it. It’s important to have the certification in the first place because without certification you would not be able to validate your expertise about DevOps which is one of the primary requirements of any industry recruiting DevOps professionals.

DevOps Foundation course is a must-have because it teaches you how leading companies of the modern world approach team dynamics, automate infrastructure and reach out organizational silos. The course provides a foundational understanding of the core concepts of DevOps teams including continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing, scoring, and the Three Ways. The certification is offered by the DevOps Institute to practitioners of DevOps who clear the exam and validate their expertise as a professional. KnowledgeHut is a Premier Partner of the DevOps Institute which means that high-level, job-ready exam preparation is provided in the course.

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