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How to Use Crypto for Valorant Betting

Valorant is a next-generation competitive FPS game designed by Riot Games. Since its debut, it has attracted attention with its similarity to CSGO and its rapid rise in the Esports arena. Based on Valorant’s in-game mechanics, it gained the appreciation of the community because a new game was created by blending CSGO and Overwatch. 

After this rise, Esports seems to have become one of the most popular betting options in the betting industry. Especially when we think about these days when VCT 2022 is in full swing, we can say that extremely exciting days are waiting for us for Valorant bets.

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So how did Valorant bets become so popular in the industry? Actually, we all know the answer to this question. Thanks to Riot Games’ game management experience from League of Legends, Valorant has achieved a player base of millions of players. Likewise, Valorant Champions Tour was loved and admired by millions of players and bettors, thanks to their Esport experience born from League of Legends.

How Does Valorant Crypto Betting Work?

Crypto betting works almost the same as traditional gambling. In short, Crypto betting is a system that allows you to bet on Esports games, traditional sports, and online casinos using any Cryptocurrency you want. When using cryptos in bets, the transactions may vary from site to site, and we will talk about them in the rest of our article.

The most convenient method for Crypto betting in Valorant is to pay using the available token. Of course, you may not find the Cryptocurrency you want at most Esports betting sites. However, dozens of Cryptocurrency are used at sites that offer Valorant betting, such as Thunderpick. 

However, at this point, our advice to you is to use Crypto tokens for which you will pay low transfer fees.

Another point is how you can use your less popular and highly volatile tokens in Crypto betting. This is a bit more complicated for bettors. Because you may encounter some difficulties as you will need to convert your money into a more stable Cryptocurrency that is valid at betting sites.

Valorant Gameplay and Tournament System

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter by nature. Although the gameplay is not unique, it has taken the good aspects of CSGO and Overwatch and turned it into a great competitive game. The game has the ranked system that we are used to in classic FPS games. Players compete in matches where two teams of five players each face each other. There is also a character structure where you can choose various weapons and use various abilities in the same way.

Each Valorant map has its own mechanics and strategies. If you want to learn more about Valorant Maps, you can take a look at the guide on our site. In order for a team to win in the game, it is enough to win 13 rounds. During these rounds, each team takes on the role of the defender once and attacker once. At this point, Valorant has some strategies and information that attract the attention of betting lovers. In particular, details such as Meta, in-game economy, player and player map performances are of great importance.

In February 2022, Valorant Challengers tournaments began to be organized all over the world. Since the Esports aspect of the game is quite strong, we recommend you to follow them. Valorant’s Esport tournaments have a system that we are used to. 

Matches are usually played as Bo3, excluding finals and qualifiers. Finals are played Bo5. If you have decided to participate in Valorant bets, the tips and tactics in the last part of our article may interest you.

How Can We Avoid Scammers When Betting Valorant With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency and online betting are the sectors most scammed. For this reason, most bettors want to feel safe. But you don’t need to rush. We will talk about how you can identify reliable sites where you can pay with Crypto.

  • Quality, Trust, and Protection: We have to admit that there are many scandals when it comes to betting with Cryptocurrency. That’s why you need to research the history of the site you will bet very well. Have there been any scandals in their past? It is very important that you know the answer to this question. For this, we recommend that you give priority to Trust Pilot feedback.
  • Various Crypto Payment Options: As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, paying with Crypto can sometimes be costly. That’s why you should be careful that the betting site you choose has dozens of payment methods. A betting site with Cryptocurrency with a low transaction fee should be one step ahead for you.
  • Customer Support: Since there are dozens or even hundreds of Crypto tokens, this brings all kinds of problems. Especially the problems experienced in Crypto wallets are the most important of them. For example, the slightest problem in paying with Crypto to the betting site can cause your money to disappear. For this reason, it is extremely important to work with a betting site that you will be in constant contact with and can give you instant customer support.

Best Cryptocurrencies for Valorant Betting

When you look at the Valorant betting options, you can find dozens of different payment methods. If you have found yourself a safe betting site, now all you have to do is choose a suitable Cryptocurrency, Exchange or Crypto Wallet.


Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency, as you know. Because it is the oldest, we can also say that it is one of the most reliable. But times have changed, and nothing remains the same. Transaction fees arising from the price increase in Bitcoin are a big problem for many.

Another downside is actually the price fluctuations, most of which are in Cryptocurrency. This is much less common with Bitcoin. In other words, we can say that this issue is more secure than other Crypto tokens.


Ethereum is the more innovative and advanced version of Bitcoin. However, Gas fee problems can be experienced in Ethereum, just like in Bitcoin. In other words, you may encounter much higher costs when depositing on the betting site. 

However, there are decreases in Gas fees in some periods; maybe then you might want to try it. Despite all this, if you only want security, you can use Ethereum with peace of mind.

Other Cryptos

Although Ethereum and Bitcoin are popular choices for Valorant betting, you should also know that there are better options. In particular, the Cryptocurrencies we listed below are much better in terms of payment speed and transaction fee.

  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • TRX
  • Tether
  • Ripple

Valorant Betting Tactics

Player Stats

As you know, VCT 2022 continues at full speed. Now is the time to place Valorant bets. But the key to wise betting at this point is to observe the performance of Valorant players. You can place more precise bets as their statistics from the last matches they played will affect the next match.

Map Control

Valorant has a variety of betting options. The most important of these is who will win the maps. When choosing this, you need to research the team you will play very well. Because some teams play incredibly well on certain maps. And they usually win the matches on the map they play best. That’s why we advise you to pay attention to this when placing a bet.

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