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Build-a-Bear Unveils Special Valentine’s Day Bears

Who says stuffed animals are for kids? Turns out, Build-a-Bear isn’t above the occasional raunch, and have created a line of adult themed bears just in time for Valentine’s Day. You read that right. Granted, most of the options are pretty tame and center more around celebrating achievements with libations, but there are definitely some that have more than a little sex appeal.


Build-a-Bear allows shoppers to customize their own stuffed animals. You can create pretty much anything you can imagine (within reason), from superheroes to sports teams, to well, ya a Hugh Hefner-esk Daddy Bear. Or maybe you’re a big fan of Wine O’Clock, in which case you can make your own teddy bear to honor your wine time.

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The After Dark section is rather tame and kind of hard to find the options you may be looking for. You can find some of the sections the Build-a-Bear website. I’m sure with some expert internet sleuthing you can probably find hornier versions of these, but for now there’s a decent selection of liquor loving bears to choose from.

I guess you’re welcome for the gift ideas, right dudes?

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