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League of Legends Accounts for Sale: Here is How to Get One

Are you on board with the hype train that has just arrived from “Arcane” and want to try out the biggest MOBA? Or maybe you’re someone that knows every corner of the Summoner’s Rift? 

It doesn’t matter – we’re here to teach you how to enter the immense League of Legends marketplace and narrow down your own gem. When we say Gem – we mean the perfect League of Legends account that will suit you like a glove.

Worry not; we will cover all basics and difficulties you might face along the road and, finally – teach you how to get your desired League of Legends account. In this article, you will learn about all the secret ways and get an insight into all aspects you must pay attention to before purchasing one. Let’s get to it.

Reasons on Why Getting a League of Legends Account is a Good Idea

Are you in two minds about making that final click? Let us give you a hand and show you why buying a LoL account is a good idea in the first place.

Prices Going Up

It’s only a matter of time before League of Legends accounts become pricier. Purchasing a League of Legends account right now would be the best time as the prices are still low while the demand is constantly growing.

League of Legends is getting so much hype from multiple gaming events and their famous Arcane Netflix series. This has encouraged many fans to buy an account that made a spike within the market as the prices slowly but surely started creeping upwards.

You won’t earn thousands of dollars, but buying a League of Legends account now to resell it after, say, one year, when the prices are doubled – is a great idea. Think of this as a good investment and grab that League of Legends account.

Unboxing Is Fun

It’s just so satisfying to click on that open now and get your desired skin or item, isn’t it? This is a great opportunity to farm more than four Hextech chests per week. Just chill with friends and grab that S rank after the game so you can stack chests for one grand opening.

Perhaps you can open them right away and see what’s there or just make one of those satisfying huge unboxing videos and get that traffic on your youtube channel. Either way, this is one of the main reasons you should buy a League of Legends account. 

Special Events And Quests

League of Legends knows how to keep their players busy. However, there are summoners that play this game with more passion and invest their time in it more than others. For enthusiastic players – special events and quests are like the cherry on top of a cake. 

After completing all of your guests on your main account, you might feel empty and want more. Those event orbs are looking fabulous and are yet another reason why you should buy a League of Legends account and grab double events awards.

Don’t Pick Bad Habits

After a long while, you get too stuck in one particular Elo, and it takes an eternity to exit and experience better games. Playing too much with low-ranked players – like it or not – can inherit bad habits within your gameplay.

Keep Going!
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Because you may exploit the competition when playing against beginners and bots, you must adapt your tactics when facing higher-ranked opponents. Certain methods may be useful against opponents that have linear playstyles, but as you reach the Ranked games, those habits will bite you. 

Instead of blunting your talents on the lower ranks, sharpen them by leaping directly into the middle of the competition. Once you’re past the Placement Series – you’ll be honing your talents in no time.

Time is Precious & Leveling Takes Time

Our time is precious, and we have to value it the most – forget getting into 150 matches that will take approximately a month and a half. Nowadays, you can just get your suiting League of Legends smurf account in no time and for a fair price. 

Today’s marketplaces usually offer League of Legends accounts with a specific role/lane or 50k Blue Essence on average. With the Blue Essence, you can get champions for your specific 2 roles and complete your collection of champions that suits your playstyle.

Change Region or Whole Account

The calculations are as follows. If you want to change the region with Riot Points it will cost you approximately $24 (this can vary in some specific regions). Buying a full League of Legends account will cost you up to $9 on average.

So, for half the price of changing the region in-game – you will get to keep your primary account on the server, plus get a brand new account you can use on another. Bond on with your new League of Legends squad and grab that desired rank – experience the gameplay of other regions – help yourself develop some new skills.

How to Get Your Hands on a New League of Legends Account

We gave you a brief view of some of the reasons why you should buy a brand new League of Legends account, and it’s now time to teach you how to get it. In this guide, we will go step by step to get what you like without experiencing unwanted fraud or DDOS.

Narrow Down a Trustworthy LoL Marketplace

The first thing is to visit a trustworthy website with a fair price on their League of Legends accounts. Based on our research, the most reliable website to buy an account from is – they have flawless customer satisfaction and reviews. Access the site and choose from their stock of League of Legends accounts that best suits your needs.

If you want to buy from another LoL marketplace, make sure the account you’re buying is hand levelled and from a verified user – this will significantly lower the chances of getting banned.

Choose the region that you want to play with your new League of Legends account. Think about this twice before clicking away and buying in an instant because once you select your region, you will not be able to change it unless you want to pay some extra money. 

Select the type of League of Legends account with a specific role that suits you the best or an account with good skins that you always admired.

Pick the payment method that the site supports and buy away! Once the transaction is complete (most likely immediately) – log into the new League of Legends account and slay in the Summoner’s Rift like never before.

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