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FDA-Approved Eye Drops Could Reduce Need for Reading Glasses

If you’re on the computer all the time and/or are nearing your 40s, odds are you already own a pair of reading glasses. As tasks become more stressful on the eyes, millions of people who work daily on a computer need reading glasses while at work or at home. There is a new eye drop that helps people with age related eyesight issues focus on nearer objects. The new eye drops are called Vuity.

The new drops hit the market on December 10th, 2021. They are going to sell for around $80 for a 30-day supply. Makers of the eye drops say it’s unlikely that insurance will cover them, because they’re not “medically necessary.”

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After dropping the solution into your eyes they start to work in about 15 minutes. The drops use the eyes natural ability to reduce pupil size. When used it gives you sharper vision for six to 10 hours.

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The maker of the drops warns people not to use them while driving at night or operating in low light conditions. The best results when used is had by people with mild to intermediate cases of blurry near vision also called presbyopia. Reduced effects are seen after the age of 65 or for those who have the vision of a 65 year old.

It would be great for those who only need glasses for reading while at work or doing projects at home. And not having glasses on will make for a much clearer experience considering how high maintenance the lenses on the things are. Seriously smudges for days!

Read more about Vuity eye drops here.

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