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Halo Energy Sword Lamps Will Get You in the Mood for Battle

If you’re looking for something rad to liven up your gaming space then we have just the thing for you. TOYNK has new Halo energy sword lamps that comes in one of two colors.

Prepare for deployment alongside Master Chief by lighting up your space with a Halo energy sword replica lamp. Inspired by “Halo Infinite,” these illuminated collectibles will have you ready for battle. Whether you are fighting an alien threat or simply want to give your space a glow-up, these LED mood lights will make a great addition to your inventory.

These USB-powered desktop lights are ready to inspire, intimidate, and impress your fellow gamers. The LED lights look sharp plugged into your gaming rig, office computer, or your personal living quarters. When lit, they put off the distinctive glow of the formidable, plasma-based covenant weapon, the Energy Sword. 

Two Lamp Colors to Choose From:

White: Halo Energy Sword Collectible LED Desktop Lamp 

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Based on the traditional Sangheili melee weapon, the Halo energy sword collectible LED desktop lamp measures 14-inch high and features authentic styling that is sure to please gamers. This 1:3 scale replica is sculpted to look like the iconic holy weapon, including the energy sword’s double-bladed construction that is designed for close-quarters combat.

Red: Halo Infinite Red Energy Sword Bloodblade Replica LED Mood Light

As seen in the hit video game Halo Infinite, the bloodblade desktop light illuminates a fiery red when activated. The Bloodblade is a variant of the Energy Sword commonly used by Covenant Special Operations. Although this 1:3 scale replica of the double-bladed weapon is not made of real plasma, it will cast a stunning crimson glow across your fortress.

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