Own the New Rollable LG TV for a Small Fortune- $100k

I’m sure you’ve seen the commericals: an gigantic LG TV that somehow rolls away into itself. It’s the kind of sci-fi futuristic make believe technology we really didn’t think could ever exist. I’m sure there’s some logical explanation as to how a TV can roll into a giant base, but every time I see the commercial I just think…magic. It’s a wild technological advancement in entertainment, enough for me to go a look up what this thing actually is and how to own it.

[Editor’s note: this isn’t an affiliate thing. We’re truly baffled by this tv, and it’s price.]

Turns out, you can buy it right now for a small fortune. And when I say fortune, the new LG Signature OLED R 4K 65″ Smart TV ThinQ has a starting price of $100,000. You read that right. The Rollable LG TV has a staggering price tag of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. To put that into perspective, you can buy almost every single Telsa model for $100,000. For that much money, you can own a jetpack, rent a private jet 3 times, hire private security for an entire year, and even hire The Roots for your birthday party.

That price tag is nothing short of mind blowing, and makes the consistency of commercials for an item practically no one watching TV right now can afford. I guess the novelty owning a television that looks like its from the future in the present is pretty cool. I think it’s more shocking that they’re even advertising for it on basic cable than the actual price tag. Usually novelty, luxury items like this are reserved for episodes of “Cribs” or “The Fabulous Life Of The Rich and Famous.”

So, if you’ve got $100k hanging around this holiday season, you can take home this rollable television straight out of the science fiction genre.

I’d put it on my Christmas list, but I don’t think there’s any chance a Kickstarter campaign could reach the goal by Dec 25th.

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