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“Jurassic Park” Fan Recreates Universal’s River Adventure Ride at Home

When I was young, “Jurassic Park” had just come out. A slew of toys hit the market. Bed sheets, interactive dinosaurs, you name it- it was made. One super fan has recreated a big draw to Universal Studios in his own living room. It’s the “Jurassic Park” River Adventure Ride using a bunch of the original toys!

Remember folks, unless it has a JP on its side, it’s not a REAL “Jurassic Park” toy.

Courtesy of Breana’s Collection of Toys and Things She Wont Get Rid Of

Twitter user Mandy Slaback created this river adventure by using aquarium parts, some interesting camera angles and some very recognizable dinosaurs. Especially that one at the end of the T-Rex puppet that I know I have laying around here somewhere… Actually now that I think about it, it may not be a puppet but one of these suckers.

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What’s even more amazing is the tweet from Universal Studios Orlando that commented an iconic “Jurassic Park” line to Slaback- clever girl.

Actually no, it’s definitely the puppet. But since I took the time to dig him up and take the picture enjoy his smiling face!

Further reading through the comments, Mandy has also done a recreation of the E.T. ride at Universal. Obviously she must be a real theme park fan! We hope these videos get her noticed and she’s gifted a lifetime pass. She can use that for research purposes and recreating even more awesome rides.

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