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Techniques for Optimising Instagram Posts for Saves and Win Against the Algorithm

Today social platforms constantly evolve to keep users engaged as long as possible. The developers and marketers know for sure that the only way to retain people within the platform is by introducing new features and options, and changing the focus from one thing to another, according to the preferences of the society. 

For instance, Instagram has faced a lot of concerns about the impact of likes on the mental health of younger generations. And, the developing team has come up with a greater solution that has turned the engagement on Instagram to the other course. What we talk about is the Save function that appeared on the network. This feature allows users to collect posts they want to keep closer in a special section of their settings. The icon looks like a little bookmark on the opposite corner from the like and share buttons. 

Why Saves Matter?

What makes saves so special for bloggers? 

  • First of all, it has almost replaced likes as an indicator of content worth. 
  • It also offers businesses and creators a more diverse range of materials to use for promotion. 
  • And, along with that, bigger engagement and potential for growing a blog. 

When a user saves your post or many users add to a specific collection on IG, buy your product sometime soon, it’s a sure sign that you should think about your visuals. Hence, saves are also a huge analytical tool for understanding the interests of the audience. Neglecting the importance of this statistic can lead to a wrong understanding of your top content, and then you will end up with a less effective strategy. So, let’s see how to enhance your tactic to get more saves on your materials. 


New things are things that were once forgotten. That statement is true for such types of content as infographics. Along with the carousel function, useful information in such form is easy to collect and find later. For Instagram users, visuals are very important, so taking the information you want to share and putting it into a simple and understandable form will work for increasing the number of saves. 

However, this format requires either a good skill for illustration, or collaboration with a professional illustrator. Of course, there are methods to create pictures by yourself using templates and other creators’ ideas, but original content on Instagram is always valued much higher, so any investment will be preferred in perspective. 

New Era For Long-Reads

For a certain period, long captions were considered boring and not engaging. The main focus was on the visual components, especially fresh content – long story short, Stories. Now, when people seem to be overdosed by stories, long-read posts seem to be engaging again. Thus, feel free to create longer captions. Remember that you still have to provide valuable and interesting information to your followers, to motivate them for saves and shares. Avoid philosophic and too thoughtful texts (unless this is the actual specification of your blog).

Instead, fill your captions with interesting and useful facts that will remain valuable for users later, so they see the reason for saving your post. 

Aim For Evergreen Content

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The word “Evergreen” in terms of social media means that the materials you create will not lose their value as time passes. They remain interesting and relevant for your followers even after quite a long period. Posting evergreen information will ensure you get more saves because people will feel the urge to come back to these posts again and again. 

It is best to use reliable topics and things, simply redecorating them and adding a dash of your unique personality. The easiest illustration for that is the food industry in blogging: mostly, bloggers rethink existing recipes or present variations of classic dishes using their imagination. They create new trends for dish presentation or add unexpected components. But the core that they use for creating remains the same as it was years and even centuries ago. 

Share Your Experience In Short Thesis

Another creative way to use carousels in your struggle is to gain more saves for your posts. Although long captions are popular now, short facts don’t lose their position as a form of attracting the attention of potential followers. If you want to share some useful insights:

  • Create minimalistic tips that can be placed in the carousel. 
  • Add some visual attractiveness with a color scheme and maybe specific font. 
  • Come up with a cover image that will draw the interest of your followers and which will give a hint about your text. 

Inspire Your Viewers With Visuals

Saves are about high-quality content that also is somehow useful for people. However, beautiful and bright images are gaining good numbers too. Many people use the saving feature on Instagram to create inspiring collections. And inspiration includes visuals as well. 

If you show off original and esthetic photos and videos, users would collect them to use as a motivation or reference for their purposes. So, don’t forget that along with value, you should provide beauty. The combination of the two is often used in travel blogging, where the purpose of a blogger is to demonstrate and increase the impression from the text using visuals, prove certain facts, or simply share their emotions. 

Make It Click With The Audience 

To get saves, you should stay relevant for the interests of your audience, and for trends that buzz around in the platform. Such practice will keep your posts tuned in with the mood of your target group, providing more interest in your posts. Following modern trends and the latest news will also keep your materials at the top of the rating, making your posts more visible to the audience. 

The diversity of posts on your profile has to correspond to the industry you have chosen. If you are a food blogger – that’s what people will expect from you. They come to see how you deal with the food. And a sudden change, of course, will not be appreciated. Instead of increased interest, you can meet a drop of all stats, not just saves. 


Introduced once as an additional feature, saves has turned into a powerful analytical tool and incredibly effective instrument for gaining popularity on Instagram. Little bookmark icon has revived the interest in long captions and has successfully driven the attention away from likes that were considered to be harmful to the audience. Saves are an important metric that can help you to understand the references and mood of your target group, and stay tuned with their opinion. In this article, you have achieved a list of effective methods to gain more saves and grow your account.

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