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What’s On The Cards For Innovation In The Online Gaming Space

What can we expect?

Online gaming has come so far over the past decade or so with the games of today being a world away from the video games we played even at the turn of the millennium. Even the very best games of the early 2000s can’t compare to the mobile games that we can play on our phones today when out and about. The progress that has been made is outstanding.

Is online gaming not for you? Why not give virtual horse racing, slingo games, or some classic puzzle games a try? The beauty of recent progress is that there is always something for everyone, and we are sure there is something just for you.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming could be the next step in an industry that has come on in leaps and bounds over the last half-century, ever since the Magnavox Odyssey was released back in 1972. During the time since that release we have seen so many developers rise and fall, while the technology used today is worlds away from what gamers had to use during the early days.

The most attractive aspect of cloud gaming is that it won’t require you to go out and buy an expensive console that would need upgrading in a few years. These consoles aren’t cheap, and given that most of us have computers as well, it makes no sense to have to spend money on both. Cloud gaming makes use of devices that many of us already have at home.

Cloud gaming, as you would expect, will also come without those bulky and time-consuming updates that use your storage and keep you offline for hours at a time. As a result of your gaming on the device of your choice, the game you play will be stored on the cloud and will never actually need to be downloaded onto your computer or other gaming devices.

Next-Gen Consoles

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

While many of us are still unable to get our hands on the next-generation consoles that were released around 12 months ago, we can still acknowledge that they represent the next step in console gaming. Over the next couple of years, more and more gamers will get their hands on one. While they might be rare now, the supply chain shortages should ease up.

I’m not here to sway you to get either an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5, but I do believe that making the upgrade is something you should consider if you do get the opportunity. These consoles are unbelievably fast, offer unrivalled graphics that put Hollywood blockbusters to shame, and allow you to connect with fellow gamers anywhere.

The big plus is that these consoles will support the next generation of games that will again push the boundaries of what we believe to be possible. These new games require hardware that can only be found on the new consoles and an example of this is that the new Battlefield video game will host battles that will contain in excess of 120 players.

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VR & AR Gaming

A technology that has been around for a while now is virtual reality, but it seems to be making waves recently with the headsets becoming more and more compatible with online gaming. They are also becoming a useful piece of tech in the online gambling scene. It felt like only a matter of time but it remains to be seen if this wave is here to stay for good. 

Another similar piece of tech is augmented reality, and this seems to be something that will become a key feature in mobile gaming. Augmented reality shot to prominence a few years ago as a result of Pokemon GO and while it has taken a while for the technology to have another big hit, the improving technology will undoubtedly feature in more and more games.

As with most parts of gaming, this will surely have an effect on online and multiplayer gaming, but we just can’t say how big it will become. A key deciding factor in how big VR and AR become in the gaming scheme is how accessible the technology can become and whether or not it will ever be affordable enough for most gamers to get their hands on.

5G Internet

Photo by Ralston Smith on Unsplash

Lagging may soon be a thing of the past with the worldwide rollout of 5G wireless technology. This means that even those who game on mobile and wirelessly connected devices will be able to enjoy superfast internet no matter where they are. This will not only make your gaming experience better but also allow more people than ever to get involved in the fun.

5G connections can support a lot more people than 4G can, with data published by CIO stating that 5G connections can support up to 500 times more devices per square kilometer than its 4G counterpart. This will mean that the 5G rollout will be more cost-intensive because more gamers and wider users can be supported by a smaller amount of infrastructure.

4G connections can support up to 400 Mbps but this is rarely achievable, while 5G connections can support connections up to 10 times stronger whilst also being able to support more users at any given time. These factors should help eliminate lagging for good.

Artificial Intelligence

While AI has been used before, albeit, in a limited capacity, the advances made over the past few years mean that developers can help create scenarios in-game that feel genuinely unpredictable whilst also being insanely realistic. It will allow computer run opponents to act in ways that will allow the game itself to compete with the gamer in a new, exciting way.

An area where this technology will be really helpful will be in the gambling scene where it could be used to help poker players become better by creating a computer that knows exactly how to react to any possible hand. AI allows us to do so much more than just programming, and while extensive programming can feel realistic, it just isn’t all there.

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