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Tips to Properly Dose and Take Your CBD

Now that you have picked out a CBD product from a reputable retailer, it is time to put your new favorite extract to the test. Suppose you have never used CBD before, it can be intimidating. The close relationship with cannabis can be troubling to many, but rest assured you would not experience any intoxicating effects. We will cover how to effectively find your proper dose and show you how to experience the benefits of this incredible cannabinoid.

Whether you are taking CBD gummies or sublingual CBD oil, this article will guide you through the process of safely discovering how much CBD your body needs to deliver benefits.

How Much CBD Tincture Should I take?

All new CBD users should start with a small dose. 5-10mg is plenty. CBD should be taken every single day to experience the maximum potential of the cannabinoid. Stick to a small dose for at least one week.

Over the course of the week, using a small CBD oil dosage, monitor your results. If you are looking to get better sleep, remember how well you slept each morning after waking up.

While CBD is generally well tolerated by humans, pay attention to how your body processes the CBD. Side effects are rare, but they do occur. For example, people have reported getting an upset stomach, fatigue, and diarrhea after taking CBD. Starting with a small dose will acclimate your body and ensure that you don’t have an adverse reaction to CBD products.

After using CBD every day for a week, increase the dosage. You can do so incrementally over time with an amount you feel comfortable with. We recommend adding 10mg after a week of consistent dosing.

How to Dose CBD?

The average CBD dose usually falls between 25-75mg. You will likely find your ideal amount somewhere in this range. If you feel the need to go over 100mg, that is perfectly fine but be cautious. Higher doses are more likely to cause side effects, do not ever go from 20mg to 200mg in a short amount of time. Work your way up to higher amounts incrementally, not all at once.

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How Many Mg of CBD Should I Take?

Everyone is different; if you take CBD dropsuse our guide to find the perfect dosage. Because most people find their ideal dosage around 50mg, give this amount of CBD a few weeks and monitor your results.

Your recommended CBD dosage will likely be different from the next person. However, most people do not need a massive dose to experience the benefits of CBD.

How to Take CBD Sublingually

One colossal mistake first-time CBD oil users make is they do not take the product how it was meant to be used. CBD oil is designed to be taken sublingually. This is a pharmacology term for allowing the oil to dissolve under your tongue.

Make sure to allow the oil to remain under your tongue for at least 60 seconds. If you can avoid swallowing, that will dramatically help the amount of CBD that becomes usable for your body. The mucosal glands under our tongues provide a path to the bloodstream. If we swallow our CBD, the active ingredient is subjected to the digestive tract, where the liver breaks it down.

Finding your ideal dose is essential, but if you are not taking CBD oil correctly, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Start Slow and Enjoy the Benefits

You should not have any reservations when it comes to trying CBD for the first time. However, it is essential to start slow and use the products correctly to have the best experience possible.

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