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More Info About Those LAX Jetpack Sightings Comes to Light

We Were Promised Jetpacks is the name of a Scottish rock band. Their name brings up a valid point; our media effectively promised us jetpacks that we have yet to receive. Just as “Back to the Future” promised us hoverboards, everything from James Bond to “Pilotwings” implied that we would have jetpacks for personal use at this point in time. But do we? No, no we don’t; something that even “Mythbusters” proved to us. So imagine the surprise that numerous pilots had outside of Los Angeles International Airport starting in 2020.

Amongst all the other chaos that took place throughout 2020, one of the oddities that happened started in the end of August. Two pilots from two different airlines said they saw what looked like a person in a jetpack flying around near the area of LAX. As comical as this may sound, this would have massive implications to the safety and security of flights. If someone could actually fly a jetpack in that area, who knows what they could do to sabotage or affect an aircraft while landing or taking off.

The reports were taken seriously enough to where a federal investigation took place. The results of the investigation are in a way, just as odd as the initial claim. According to both the FBI and the FAA, it’s possible that what the pilots were seeing was a balloon, but no just any balloon! Thanks to some video footage that was able to be analyzed, it would appear that the balloon is actually a life-sized, inflatable, Jack Skellington. Yup, Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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To be fair to the pilots, unless you’re really close to this object, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to make a discernable identification beyond just recognizing something as “human shaped.” On top of all this, let’s be perfectly fair here; the last thing you’re going to imagine hovering in the air is going to be an inflatable version of the Pumpkin King. Also, if you look at the video of it, the way that it lingers in the air makes it look like it’s hovering, as if it is being propelled by a jetpack.

What’s more than likely happening is that someone took a drone and attached the inflatable Jack to it; assuming of course it is Jack Skellington; we personally don’t like to assume this until we hear him singing. The drone idea also helps explain how these sightings occurred on numerous occasions, including the original August 30th 2020 incident, October 14th, 2020, and July 29th, 2021. Though maybe it’s also possible that one or more Jack Skellingtons broke loose from their confines and have been terrifying the LAX airspace for over a year now. Jack has just been hovering there…watching us all, never ending, never ceasing.

Also we still don’t have jetpacks.

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