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Internet Marketing Tips For Every Digital Marketer In 2021

Digital space is growing so the people are watching and consuming more content. Today we will share the most amazing tips to implement in your daily campaigns. 

Adaptation for voice search

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Previously, it was rather difficult to interact with such a search, but now voice assistants understand us perfectly. Therefore, more and more people do not enter search queries by hand, but pronounce them with their voice.

And if you delve a little deeper into this topic, you can understand that such requests are different from the usual ones. When we search for something in the search bar, we use phrases like: “restaurant in the center” or “delicious Chinese restaurant Moscow”. If a person turns to voice search, then the phrase will be different: “Hello Siri! What restaurant in Moscow can you eat the best Peking duck? ”.

Do you see the difference? Therefore, it is very important that users can find your content for such requests. There is a lot of controversy over this point, so it would be interesting to read the opinions in the comment 🙂

Content personalization

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The more personalized a message a person receives, the more effective your marketing will be. There are many possibilities for this. For example, in targeted ads on social media, you can substitute the name of a specific person. If it is a mailing list, it is also better to apply personally. Even in the video, you can say: “I am addressing you personally.” And it will already be perceived differently.

With those who have bought from you several times, communication should also be different. No one is surprised by the address: “Good afternoon, Vasily”, when calling the bank. But the client can still be pleased with the fact that when ordering a bouquet (for example), the manager remembers his name and knows the address to which flowers need to be delivered. Personalization is really good at TikTok. This platform became viral in the last few years. You can easily buy TikTok followers instantly and gain popularity faster than possible.

Virtual reality

In the current situation, it becomes very valuable to be able to try something on yourself, without leaving your home and without even waiting for the courier. For example, this is what Lamoda did. In their application, you can simply point the phone camera at your foot and try on sneakers.

Can you imagine how cool it would be if there was such an opportunity in other areas? Do you want to change the wallpaper, but worry that it will not fit well into the interior? Take your phone, point it at the wall and see how they match your furniture.

Online meetings can also refer to this item. Nowadays it is not necessary to meet with clients in person. All questions can be resolved online. Sometimes it is even more convenient: you can keep a record of the meeting, and then return to it to remember some important moments for yourself.

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