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The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Having a job that pays well is a big deal for many as they want to invest the money they are earning into things they plan to buy. But sometimes, a lot of people make mistakes when they invest their earnings on things that they might not need at all. 

If there is no guidance, chances are you’ll definitely be splurging on a lot of things to the point you won’t have any cash left. You have an option to check different questions with a financial advisor or home lending advisor online. If you’re earning and are thinking of how to invest the money, here are seven financial mistakes that you can avoid and save you the trouble. 

Spending more than you can afford 

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We are all guilty all the time with this. Do you love buying all the latest trends in clothes, shoes, and makeup? Do you have to be in with the trends just because a friend has it like a new cell phone? Sometimes, we don’t see, but we splurge more than what we can afford. 

When buying something, ask yourself, do you really need it? That way, it will help you decide on whether you really need it or you can always save it for another time. 

Abusing the credit card

Remember Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic? She was swiping her credit card for designer items that she probably did not need at all. 

Having a credit card is a big responsibility. The best tip is to use it for emergency purposes or if you’re buying something that needs online banking. Remember that banks have interest rates, and it might take you quite a while before you’re able to pay all that debt.

 Not enough savings 

We have often been told to save for a rainy day by our parents because time will come when our savings or our emergency fund will come in handy. But there are those who don’t save enough or don’t even have bank accounts at all. 

The pandemic has actually been a wake-up call for a lot of people who are living from paycheck to paycheck. If you are earning enough, make sure to set aside at least a third of your earnings while the rest can pay for the house bills and other expenditures. 

Make sure to set aside something for yourself to spend because after all, you need a reward occasionally for the hard work you are putting into your job. 

Borrowing more money than you can handle

There will be times when you need to borrow money because you are short in cash but make sure to borrow that you can pay right. We all heard a lot of stories about people borrowing money nonstop and finding themselves in debt. It also happens in business wherein you have to take the risk of losing more than earning. 

When you borrow money, make sure to keep track of how much and don’t run away from the people you’ve borrowed from. They were kind to lend you and make sure to repay it back properly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself being blacklisted and earning a lot of enemies along the way. 

Not investing in your family or child’s future

Aside from yourself, you definitely need to set aside cash for your family’s needs. School fees after all are expensive and if you’re not setting aside money from it, then you’ll run the risk of not paying for your kid’s needs. 

Remember that you’re not just thinking about yourself. You are also thinking about the people that you love so make sure to do your responsibility as a parent whether now or when you have a child in the future. 

Having your spouse or partner pay for the household finances solo

If you and your partner/spouse are both earning enough, then make sure to split the payments between the two of you fairly. This is one of the common mistakes that led couples to fight and later on divorce. If one is earning more than the other, this becomes an issue because the burden is the person who earns more. Make sure to sit down and discuss the split between the two of you. Be honest if there is a delay on someone’s part to pay. After all, you are both trying to be responsible adults in this situation. 

Not having insurance

It’s very important to have insurance, medical insurance in this case in the time of a pandemic. Medical bills can be very expensive and if you have insurance with you, it can help lessen the burden of payment. True you’ll need to pay the insurance little by little, but investing in insurance saves you a lot of trouble, especially in times of a health emergency. 

These are just some common financial mistakes. In the end, think about your future. If you’re unsure, then consult a financial or lending advisor before even spending the hard-earned money you have with you.

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