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Digital Growth Strategies for Personal Growth Websites.

Implementing marketing strategies is important for a business’ growth. In this article you’ll learn about different types of strategies that you can use to make your business thrive and more successful.

Search Engine Optimization

Being on the top search result on a search engine is the best thing that can happen for any website. The first few results that appear on google usually have the most digital traffic. Traffic is important for websites because more exposure may result in growth for the business. That is exactly what SEO is about. It’s about helping a website rise above every other site that is similar to yours. So that when a person types in a keyword that may relate to your business, your website is one of the results they would see first. Using SEO has been a known type of marketing strategy for websites. 

The way SEO works is that you kind of work your way around the algorithm. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. It takes hard work and good content creation skills in order for the algorithm to consider your website to appear as most relevant. This is because relaying the right information and providing the users with the best result possible is still the goal of any search engine site. Content creation and marketing your content is actually hard to do. You can’t just create content and expect it to be viral. Even the best content sometimes doesn’t get enough attention. There’s so much stuff to find on the internet and it’s really hard to stand out. It’s not an impossible task but it really is hard work. That is why if you have a business to promote do not hesitate to contact and work with professionals. For example, if you have a chiropractic business, you may hire an SEO agency to help you with the chiropractic SEO because it can help with your chiro marketing.

Quality Content

For starters, if you have a website for your business, make sure you have all the important information about your business on there. Having a website is also a platform for relaying details that users might need. Such details include: your store location, office hours, contact number, products or services you offer, your company’s history, what you are about as a brand, and many more. People like to choose businesses that they know about because it translates into having trust in the brand.

As mentioned above, content is important. Not just any content, it has to be quality content. What makes content have high quality? It’s when it’s relevant, informative, interesting, entertaining, or relatable. Remember people really do have to benefit from it for the algorithm to consider your content a relevant source to a search. You have to make sure that the content on your website is reliable and up-to-date. That’s why it’s not just about making new content. It can be about fixing old ones that have potential or removing old ones that aren’t as good. 

Creating content costs money. Even though it seems just an added expense, it is an essential part for digital growth. It’s worth it because it consumes significant time, money, and energy. 

Paid Traffic Sources

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This is a quick and easy way to increase your traffic. Although you must know that this isn’t a good strategy if you’re only relying on it alone. This strategy is quick and easy and it might look like it’s cheating but it has its advantages and benefits. Do remember to choose website traffic providers that only use 100% human traffic. Meaning by providing traffic that isn’t bots. There are trustworthy providers out there so make sure to choose those ones. Using paid traffic will bring thousands to hundreds of thousands of real people on your site. This strategy is perfect for product launches, campaigns and so on.


Using ads has been proven effective and reliable. Google ads and Facebook ads are two of the most popular sites where you can get more traffic on your site. Ads are effective because they appear on targeted audiences. Knowing your target audience is important if you want your business to grow. Your target market is the people that are most likely to like your products or who could use your service. Identifying your target market is part of marketing. It will make the content or marketing offers you put out more optimized. Marketing your products or service to the wrong people is a waste of resources and effort. It won’t be as effective as puting your ads out for those who will actually respond to it.

Email marketing

This is not the best for startups but it is highly effective for those established businesses because they already have a large number of emails as a source. To make sure that this strategy is done correctly there are a couple of factors to consider: how often you send emails, what is the content of the emails, who is on your email marketing list, and how personal the emails are. Failing to do this marketing strategy correctly may end you in the spam folder or make the person unsubscribe.

Focusing on your target market

As said before, knowing your target market is important but so is knowing what channel to use in order to reach your target audience. It is easy to think that the more marketing channels you use, the more people you react to but it’s not that simple. Marketing costs you money and as much as possible you have to make sure that everything you do is cost effective. There is no point in appearing on 50 different digital channels if it’s not where you can reach your target market.

Using all marketing strategies applicable to your situation

Picking one strategy from the above list will have a positive effect; however, picking multiple strategies will have a cumulative positive effect. It still boils down to what your business needs. Some strategies may work for some businesses while others don’t. It may take some trial and error. Do know that working with professionals will limit the errors you make.

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