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Utah Man Jumps on Alligator at Kid’s Birthday Party

At a three year old’s birthday party at Scales and Tails in Utah a gator named Darthgator bit his handler’s hand. The handler was doing a demonstration for the kids when the alligator clamped on.

Bystander Donnie Wisemand jumped to action and got in the tank sitting atop the gator. With the gator secured and unable to thrash the handler was able to give directions. It’s thanks to his quick thinking and the handler’s instructions that they got the gator to unclamp. Todd Christopher, another bystander pulled the handler to safety where his wife Amy Christopher quickly started first aide.

The company put out a huge thank you to the bystanders. They said that they were heroes, and thanks to them, the handler’s hand was able to be saved.

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There is video of the encounter below but I warn you- don’t watch if you’re squeamish. There’s a particularly gut-wrenching part where you can hear a little girl cry for her mommy. As the attack continues you can see the crowd become more and more nervous. Luckily no one was hurt other than the handler but it’s certainly going to be a scary memory for those who looked on.

Video by Theresa Wiseman.

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