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Clancy Brown Has Joined the Next “John Wick” Movie!

Okay okay, so, HERE’S WHY Clancy Brown joining the “John Wick” franchise is REALLY awesome news. #1, he’s Clancy Brown, so you’ll be getting that INCREDIBLE voice and presence. #2, if you’ll recall, “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski has been trying for years to reboot “Highlander,” which Brown co-starred in.

We know Henry Cavill has been tapped to lead Stahleski’s adaptation, so…..why NOT bring Brown back into the fold? What if he took on the role the late Sean Connery had? Obviously with some….retooling.

Brown JUST tweeted this:

 “I have been a fan of Clancy Brown’s since I can remember,” Stahleski told Deadline. “To have him be a part of this project is an honor. He will make a perfect addition to the World of John Wick!”

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John Wick 4” is currently in production, and is expected to hit theaters May 27th, 2022.

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