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Skeleton Candle Solar Lights are Perfect Decorating For Halloween

For any Halloween enthusiast, part of the problem when finding a good decoration is finding something that speaks to you and is also sustainable. What if I told you you could cut down on your electric bill and still get the same spooky effect?

Amazon has amazing solar flicker lights that you can set and forget. You don’t even have to get those little LED batteries or worry about switching them on and off!

These have the same effect that most fake candles do where they flicker brighter and dimmer so it looks like a real candle is burning. They have solar panels on the top to charge them during the day and turn on automatically when it gets darker. The Skeleton design looks like he’s coming out of hell itself and opening the curtains so he can get a peak of our mortal realm.

The stump lamp is made of durable and water resistant resin for indoor and outdoor use. That means it can rain all it wants and your lamp will be just fine. The dimensions for this product are 5.91 x 5.91 x 7.09 inches. So about the size of a real candle. And they come in a 2-pack so you can make everything look symmetrical when you decorate!

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