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Sign Language Interpreter Goes Viral For Signing “WAP”

Well I bet you can guess exactly what the interpreter is saying without even reading or knowing the lyrics of the song. But hey that’s a good thing right? Posted on TikTok was a portion of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.‘s song “WAP” being signed by an interpreter, and now we want to see the whole thing!

Guilherme Vital Senise da Silva filmed and uploaded the video of Sign Language Interpreter Kelly Kurdi. Megan Three Stallion was performing the song “WAP” for Lollapalooza. Check out the intense interpretation and dance that Kurdi did for the song. You can tell she was really into it!

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This is pretty cool that they included this for the performance. Even cooler that those unfamiliar with ASL could kind of make out what she was signing. Of course some of those signs are universal.

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