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The Perfect List of Necessities for Music Lovers

For any lover of music, you should be in the know of the latest places to get all your music necessities. Whether you are just a fan or a musician yourself, this list of necessities will surely fill your audio needs whether you’re looking for a new instrument, new music, a cool new outfit for the next big event or looking to upgrade your studio software, we’ve got a ton of great suggestions to check out. 


Streaming is great, but nothing beats the feeling of owning an album you love. You get to support the artist directly through independent sellers and you’re getting something sentimental and physical which, for a lot of music fans, adds to the experience of listening. 

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Vinyl records have made a resurgence in the last decade, likely as a backlash against the slightly impersonal nature of streaming. While you can access all your favorite music, it’s not the same as taking a record home to own for life. A lot of great online sellers carry new and re-issued records like The Sound of Vinyl. You can find old classics, box sets and exclusive 45s right from your home. Celebrate the music love the vinyl way! 

Beef Up Your Sound Library

For producers, sound itself is a valuable commodity. Collecting samples and MIDI clips is not only fun, it makes your production set up more robust and ready to start putting tracks together. Sound and MIDI packs are a great way to beef up your sound library and potentially overcome writer’s block. 

Any producer has been in a situation where they’ve been working on a track and they just don’t know where to go next. Having some MIDI chord progressions or samples to throw in and manipulate can do wonders to push your track one step closer to where you want it to go! There are tons of amazing packs available to sift through and some that are stylized if you’re looking to produce in a specific genre. 

Box Sets  

If you’re a real vinyl head, sift through the massive collection of box sets and rare records. For the true audiophile, this is going to be a really exciting way to appreciate music from your favorite artists. One of the things that makes the music industry so exciting today is a lot of old releases are being remixed, remastered and reissued on vinyl. Experiencing your favorite albums in new high fidelity will further your appreciation of the best classic albums. 

Classic Artists, New Voices 

A lot of classic artists have continued making music through their hayday until now. Some of the most inspired material from 70s-80s groups has come out in more recent years, like The Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue album. Music is history, and it’s amazing to see classic artists influencing new ones on a daily basis. Listen through some of your favorite classic artists, and focus on the parts of their catalogue you might not know yet. Get to know your favorite artists a little bit better by following their entire catalogue. A lot of times, this might lead you to an entirely new band or genre you hadn’t explored before. 

Live Streamed Shows 

We’re seeing a lot of artists tour again, which is really exciting after almost two years without live music. However, the culture around live streamed events is sure to stick around as it is a great way for musicians to promote their work and give access to a wider audience. Particularly those that might not be able to attend events yet. Attending these events from the comfort of your home is a great substitute for your average Netflix night and helps support artists to do what they do best and keep bringing us the music we love. 

Get the Look! 

Aesthetics are huge for any musician or music fan. Clothing and accessories are a beautiful way to express your taste and connect further with your interests. Of course, everyone should dress and express themselves freely, and experimenting with your music taste influences that can be a lot of fun. Fans of hip-hop might want to don some hip hop jewelry to show off their love for the music. As with any apparel, however, it’s important to know the history behind it and why it’s worn in relation to the music. Make sure to do your research and choose the best style for you! 

For the EDM Lovers 

For anyone into EDM and Raves, you’re probably already thinking about what to wear to the next event. Raves conjure images of bright neon colors, platform boots, funky outfits, cutting edge style and driving, energetic electronic music. Made popular in the early 90s, raves have always been a place where people who share a passion for music and nightlife could come together and celebrate unity through music, dance and self-expression. Today rave culture is alive and well with electronic music rising to a popularity it has never seen before. 

Keep Track of Reviews on New Releases

The easiest way to lose track of new music is to stop reading about it and looking for it. Keep track of new music by sifting through new music blogs like Pitchfork. A lot of musicians and music fans nowadays have different ways of listening to and discovering music. Many are pleased to look through playlists on their streaming service, but some may want to discover something outside of their normal taste. This is when you should pause your spotify stream, open up your internet browser and start sifting through new releases catching national and global attention.

Start Producing Music 

If you’ve been a music fan for a long time and have been curious about making your own music, check out some of the major DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software making music creation a fun process to learn. Ableton is a great resource for new producers and composers as it has a huge library of sounds and preset instruments to start making beats with right away. There are a lot of options when it comes to music production software, so do your research to discover which one is right for you. However, Ableton definitely holds strong as a leader in music making software. 

Looking for a New Guitar? 

Fender has been leading the way with their classic instruments for a long time. They make tons of amazing beginner guitars and a lot of affordable options for professional musicians looking for a new instrument. It’s also a great resource for instrument accessories, apparel and other gear to enrich the musical part of your life.

When buying an instrument, always make sure you can play a model of the guitar you’re interested in if possible. This way you can avoid making a purchase that you ultimately regret and end up having to return an instrument you were excited for. 

Music lovers of any kind will find a loving and rich community of fellow musicians and fans by expressing their interests to the fullest. Whether that’s by collecting records, discovering new artists, expression through apparel, or learning an instrument you’ve wanted to learn, you can hopefully take a little inspiration from this list to enhance the experience you have with the music you love. 

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