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Best Whirlpool Refrigerators For Small Families In India

Whirlpool is the only American consumer durable company that has a strong foothold in the Indian refrigerator market. Despite its American roots, the brand has deeply understood the requirements of the Indian market. This is evident in the vast product portfolio offered by the company. Whirlpool refrigerators are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Indian consumer, with a special emphasis on providing value for money. Possessing over 100 years of experience, it is one of the few home appliance brands that survived many recessions, and is still ahead in innovation. A large number of households are loyal to Whirlpool, as their refrigerators have a longer lifespan than other brands and don’t require much maintenance. Whirlpool refrigerators are highly rated in almost every category ranging from double door fridges to side-by-side ones. In this article, we will list our top buying Whirlpool refrigerators for small families in India.

Whirlpool 200 L Single Door Refrigerator (215 IMPRO PRM 3S)

This is a single door refrigerator with 200 litres of capacity, and is ideal for small families of 1-2 members. It is a Direct Cool refrigerator, which means that it requires manual defrosting. The fridge comes with toughened glass shelves that provide extra strength and do not break even if they’re dropped on the ground. Furthermore, the appliance has a Breath Arc handle, which lends a contemporary visual appeal to the fridge. With a 3-star energy rating, it is a fairly energy-efficient model, as it has a meagre annual energy consumption of ‎133 Kilowatt-hours.

Whirlpool 240 L Triple Door Refrigerator (FP 263D PROTN ROY FIN N)

This is a unique triple door Whirlpool refrigerator, which gives you separate compartments for fruits and vegetables. It comes with a specialised fruit crisper compartment for keeping your fruits fresh and crisp. Furthermore, the fridge is easy to organise and prevents odour mixing between foods. Suitable for families of 2-3 members, this fridge has a 3-star energy rating, with the brand claiming that it consumes less power than a CFL bulb. This appliance is equipped with Moisture Retention technology, which preserves the moisture and the freshness of food stored in the compartments. Additionally, its Zeolite technology precludes the over-ripening of vegetables and fruits, extending their shelf life.

Whirlpool 265 L Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S)

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This double door refrigerator comes with 265 litres of capacity, which is suitable for families of 2-3 members. It is a double door, frost-free fridge, which means there’s no frost build-up in the fridge that requires manual defrosting. The fridge boasts of freshonizer technology that minimises oxidation of vegetables and fruits, keeping them fresh for longer. The brand claims that this fridge can give you up to 2 weeks of garden freshness. Additionally, the microblock technology averts the growth of bacteria in your food. This is a 3-star refrigerator that is equipped with the adaptive intelligence feature, which optimises power consumption while delivering a powerful performance.

Whirlpool 292 L Double Door Refrigerator (NEO 305GD PRM)

This elegant Whirlpool refrigerator has a 292-litre capacity, which is sufficient for a household of up to 4 members. Additionally, this is also a double-door, frost-free refrigerator, which maintains consistency of temperature throughout the refrigerator. It is armed with the 6th Sense DeepFreeze Technology & Chilling Gel, which stops the escape of air when the freezer door is opened. It also preserves the cooling inside the freezer during power cuts. Additionally, this fridge has Active Deo technology, which maintains a fresh odour-free environment throughout the compartment. This fridge is made of scratch-resistant glass door in crystal black colour, which gives it a sharp, futuristic visual appeal.

Whirlpool 355 L Double Door Refrigerator (IFPRO BM INV 370)

If you have a family of 3-5 members but you require extra storage space for your food, this Whirlpool refrigerator is the perfect choice for you. This is a bottom-mounted refrigerator, which means it has a freezer compartment on the bottom of the fridge. The highlight of this fridge is the AI-powered Intellifresh Pro Convertible technology, which delivers accurate moisture and temperature control. It comes with an inverter compressor, which promises faster cooling and quiet operation, along with energy savings. It is highly efficient due to its 3D Airflow, which is an innovative combination of metallic air tower, vents, and air boosters crafted to distribute cold air in a consistent way. Another striking aspect of this fridge is its refined design and contemporary aesthetic. It sports a high-end steel finish coupled with a feather touch UI, making it the perfect choice for a modern home. This feature-loaded fridge is a great option if you’re willing to shell out a higher amount. 

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