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Artist Creates Giant Plush Spiders You Can Cuddle With

Does anyone else just love spiders so much that you wish there was a giant, soft, cuddly version that you could snuggle up with? Well, you’re in luck, because thanks to one artist on Etsy, you can do just that!

Thanks to Natali over at LifelikeSpiderArt, we can all collect all of the eight legged fluffy babies of our dreams! Her spider plushies are all unique and come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. And yes, that giant, fluffy white boy is available for purchase!

Spider Sleeping Plush is the best gift to overcome arachnophobia.
Soft and pleasant to the touch, because it is made of faux fur.
This art doll has flexible wire-frame paws. Therefore, it can be changed in many ways for games or photo shoots.
Plush spider will appeal to all lovers of nature, wild animals and insects.

Natali on Etsy
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Realistic spider plushes would be a great gift for any budding arachnophile! Or something you could simply use to prank your mom, siblings, significant other… The possibilities really are endless. But we think we’ll use ours for good and give them a good snuggle.

And with spooky season right around the corner, we need to stock up on some of these cuties to love on during horror binge sessions!

You can check out the listing for the giant spider here!

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