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Crane Operator Pranks Beachgoer With Constantly Moving Shade

While this may be annoying to some, I would actually prefer this. A crane operator pranked a beachgoer by keeping him in the shadow of his crane. The man moves, the crane moves. How do we know this was intentional? Well for one, the camera was at a high point in what we assume was where the crane’s controls were. And, the camera also follows the man around.

This guy was obviously out to get some summer sun!

What’s especially funny is when the man gets up and moves he just can’t get away from it. He swims out into the ocean hoping that the shadow will stop but it’s to no avail. I’m thinking maybe the crane operator recognized him as one of his buddies and decided to do this. Otherwise this was just a stranger and it makes it a little more weird. Of course he could have thought the beachgoer had enough sun for the day at that point. Like a bartender withholding drinks when you’ve had a bit too much only with the sun.

Again I would find this a luxury because 9/10 times when I’m at the beach, I probably forgot my sunscreen. And I BURN.

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