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Something Familiar But New- Original “Batman” ’66 Intro Edited

What’s great about technology today is you can literally edit anything and make it different. Or in this case- just a bit funnier. One YouTube user has edited the famous original “Batman” intro starring Adam West (RIP) and Burt Ward into something new. This updated version sees the single-phrase song now saying ‘bat,’ or just ‘man.’ You’ve probably never wondered what the song would sound like with just these words, but here it is anyway.

It’s actually a pretty great way to learn when each extended ‘Maaaaan’ occurs in the song. Or a great way to prank your fellow nerds when they come over to your house for a round of chips and salsa.

Check out both the videos below!

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Thanks for Graywalf on YouTube for editing these down! Follow them for more weird stuff like this!

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