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Sports, Esports, Fantasy, and Virtual Sports Betting: What a Time to Be Alive for Pro Punters

Betting has always been seen as a hobby or a fun activity that many sports fans participate in. However, over the years, this has completely evolved into something that many would take seriously. Professional betting is a thing and today’s technology has ensured that pro punters can get as much help and a great experience as they could when it comes to building their business.

Back in the day, sports betting was just about going to a casino or a bookie to place a bet on a sport. It could be horse racing, boxing, basketball, football, and any other sport. The bottom line is that this is what it was strictly about. However, when online betting came in the 90s, many things changed. Many opportunities also opened for both businesses and consumers including the ones in the sports betting market. Since the availability of betting online, people have found an alternative to bet on sports without doing much.

Of course, this has only really drastically changed when smartphones and more stable internet connections came to grips. With these, people can now place their bets anytime they want and anywhere they are. Today, punters can just download cricket betting apps if they want to bet on this sport or even a casino app if they are also into that. The bottom line is that there are now ways to make something out of their favorite pastime which is betting.

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Traditional Sports Betting

More and more people are now switching to online betting to bet on traditional sports like football, basketball, boxing, tennis, cricket, and many others. This is easy to understand as going online is a convenient and efficient way to bet on any sport.

It’s so easy to jump from one bookie to another to check on the best odds that you can get. Punters now have a plethora of guides to help them out with their bets too. Whether they are just new to betting or are already trying to find strategies, there is something for them online to tickle their minds.

Today, some of the best bets on sports events are the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, boxing matches, the Rugby World Cup, and the Kentucky Derby. Every time any of these are on, expect that the most popular and even smallest online bookies have odds to offer that could work in your favor.

Fantasy and Virtual Betting

Now, as if traditional sports aren’t enough, come fantasy and virtual sports betting. If you haven’t tried both, you may think that these are the same but not really. Fantasy sports isn’t exactly new as even before it went online, sports fans have been meeting and doing this already. 

Fantasy sports are extremely popular and it is already an industry in the United States alone that is worth over 8 billion US dollars in 2019. When playing fantasy sports, you get to form a team with the names of real players and you can get them from different teams.

And so, you will have your team and what will happen is that you will base your team’s performance on the actual stats of your players on their real games. Your fantasy team can compete with another person’s team and whoever has the best stats by the end of the season, wins.

Now, virtual sports betting is different because it is pretty similar to betting on traditional sports events. The difference is that you don’t have to wait for a long time or a whole season to know which team will win because the software will have results right away. It’s basically like playing a game of slots. You place a bet and you wait for the results. 


Now, the world is forever changed because of the pandemic, and during this time, there was a period when there was almost no sports event for people to wager on. While esports isn’t exactly new anymore, this was when it was given the chance by many people.

2020 was surely a great year for the esports segment as the industry was boosted and it even became a multi-billion-dollar industry. Based on reports, the esports betting industry is forecasted to grow from 798 million to as much as 13.05 billion US in the next five years based on how well it did in 2020.

The lack of sports events at some point last year made punters miss the betting scene and they had to find other events that they could wager on. Many esports events went uninterrupted last year and as a result, some punters showed interest.

Some of the most popularly wagered on esports tournaments today include game titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, Mobile Legends, Garena: Free Fire, and many more. 

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