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People’s Favorite Things for a Perfect Gaming Day

Picture it: you have one beautiful day with no responsibilities in sight. It’s a day off from work, you’re caught up on your errands and chores, and you’ve made no plans that require you to leave the house. Naturally, you want to make the most of this fortuitous occasion! 

For gamers, this is a great chance to craft the perfect gaming day. By taking the time to plan your day, improve your setup, and gather any necessary supplies, you can give yourself the gift of a day made up of nothing but your favorite games. 

Fuel your gameplay

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You‘ll obviously need your gaming gear and other must-haves to create your perfect gaming day. But what about your body’s needs outside of the virtual realities within your screens? Set aside some snacks, drinks, and meal options ahead of time so you don’t need to interrupt your game with cooking or running to the grocery store. Worried about your energy levels?

Alongside your cup of coffee, energy drink, or other caffeine options of choice, consider trying out a CBD tincture for energy (with your doctor’s approval, of course—you don’t want to risk some adverse side effects or interactions with other medications you might take). The plant-based energy boost that CBD (or cannabinoid) provides will increase your energy levels without the jitters or other side effects of most caffeine products. Plus, your CBD product of choice can help hone your focus and mental clarity for even better gameplay. 

Set up the perfect setup

Once you’ve taken advantage of CBD oil or tinctures and the energy boost, you can turn your focus to the gaming itself. As a gamer, you probably have a pretty great setup already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it even more. Well in advance of your gaming day, do some research into the best gaming controller, Bluetooth headphones, desk, and other necessities to make sure you have the gear you need to create the best gaming experience possible. 

Choose your ideal lineup

Or course, gaming gear is only as enjoyable as the games you’re using it for. Take some time to decide what console or PC games you’ll be choosing from your collection and whether you need to budget for a new release or bonus content. Do you want to play through one game entirely or hop between a few favorites? You have the best game controller and other necessary parts of your gaming setup—choose the best games available to take advantage of those top gaming must-haves.

Decide whether you want company

Would you rather use your gaming as a social space or as a chance to unwind solo? One of the most significant benefits of gaming is that it can be enjoyed either way. If you’re inviting friends to share your gaming day, you’ll want to get their thoughts on games to play, gear to use, and snacks or even CBD products to enjoy. Or, if you’re playing on your own, you may want to let your nearest and dearest know that you won’t be answering messages while engrossed in your day of games. 

Prepare any last-minute details

Devices charged? Controller batteries at the ready? Go through your technology and any other items you’ve prepared to make sure your gaming day will go as smoothly as possible. For instance, having the best controller in the world won’t matter if it’s not connected or lacks a power source. 

Most importantly, be sure to enjoy your perfect gaming day! Even if you run out of AA batteries for your controller in the middle of Call of Duty or your boost of energy wears off at the bottom of your CBD vial, you‘ve put in the effort to make this gaming day the most perfect experience it can be.

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