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Why TVTap Pro is the Best Live TV App Out There for Live TV HD Channels

We might not always have time to watch movies in the theatre. But we can watch movies on online streaming platforms whenever we find free time. There are a lot of official streaming platforms available nowadays. But they are too costly and it is not possible to subscribe to every available platform to watch a few movies in leisure. That’s why it is best to install the TvTap Pro app where you can stream unlimited movies without any time limit. 

The best part of the TVTap Pro app is that you do not need to root your android device to install this app. You can just install the app using the APK file. TvTap Pro not only streams movies but also provides links to over 6000 live Tv channels where you can watch content like News, Sports, Festival events, etc.

Features of TVTap Pro APK:

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TVTap Pro developers are including new features into the app with a new version upgrade. Exclusive features make the app stand out from the other apps. Here are some of the features of the TvTap Pro app, which are available in the latest version.

1. Huge library of movies: TvTap Pro app is a very old app that has a very huge collection of movies both latest and old in all languages.

2. Include add-ons: You can easily include add-ons like Real-Debrid and with the TVTap Pro app. 

3. Bookmarks: You can bookmark all your favorite movies. When you need those streaming links you can easily get them from the bookmarks section.

4. Active streaming links: All the streaming links included in the app are active. If any of the streaming links are dead, you can use the backup link.

How to Install TVTap Pro APK on Android devices?

While installing the TvTap Pro app, you need to follow some special methods in order to install the APK file on your android device. The method given below should be followed to install the TvTap Pro APK file on your android device. Don’t skip any step to install the TvTap Pro app without any errors.

1. First, the TVTap Pro APK File should be downloaded from any trustable website or official website onto your android device. The size of the APK file is around 40MB. So make sure you have the required space in your device.

2. Now open the Settings app on your android device (mobile phone or tablet). There choose the security option.

3. In the security option, under Devices and Administration you can find an option called “Install from unknown sources”. This option in every android device is turned OFF by default. Turning ON this option will let you install any app on your device as an APK file.

4. Turn ON the “Unknown sources” option. Now save the settings and go back to the home screen of the device.

5. Locate the downloaded TvTap Pro app inside the downloads folder using the file manager.

6. Now tap on the downloaded APK file to start installing the TVTap Pro application. Wait until the app is installed.

7. After installing the app, you can launch the app from the home screen.

8. Using the search textbox on the app, you can search for your favorite movie, TV show, or web series in the library of the app and start watching.

Note: If you get a blank screen while launching the app, you can close the app and clear the app data. Restart the app and it will work as intended. 

FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

1. Can we request the developer team to add a new movie?

Yes, you can request the developers to add any latest movie to the TvTap Pro library if it is not already in there. You can either send the message through the contact form or mail them.

2. Is it possible to install TvTap Pro APK on Windows PC?

You cannot directly install APK files on any Windows PC directly unless the Windows version is 11. Only Windows 11 has the support for APK files. In other Windows versions, you can install the app using any android emulator.


The above steps must have explained to you the way to download and install the TvTap Pro APK. You can also install the TvTap Pro app on your device using any third-party app store. But installing the TVTap Pro app directly on your android device using an APK file is highly recommended.

 If you encounter any errors while installing the app, you can ask us in the comments below. We will help you to sort it out.

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