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What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are a great solution for those who appreciate classic and convenience. Let’s have a more detailed look at them.

The essence

So, what are cased windows? These are windows where the structure is based on a frame, on which plastic sashes are hung.

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As we know, technically, glazing can be hinged and sliding. Casement windows have plenty of advantages:

  • proven and reliable design – you won’t have to spend hours thinking how to open or close it;
  • double sealing contour guarantees excellent tightness and sound insulation;
  • the buyer chooses a glazing configuration from a variety of options: the number of sashes and their size, opening method, type of glazing, etc.;
  • the color of the profile can be chosen according to your taste: traditional white, wood-like, imitating metal, etc .;
  • it is easy to care for products of this type, including washing the glass from the outside;
  • a wide range of options is available: mosquito nets, built-in blinds, tinted glass, etc.

Window casements scope

Wooden and plastic products will be appropriate in apartments or offices. Their installation is recommended in housing on the first and second floors, on loggias and balconies. They are relevant for garden houses and different types of real estate like cottages.

Windows casings look good in hotel rooms, holiday houses, resort centers, shopping centers. They are indispensable for usage in openings with complex geometry and for the implementation of non-standard design projects. Moreover, they are used in the restoration of old houses.

Such products provide maximum natural light, look good, are reliable and safe. If there is an amazing picturesque landscape outside your window, then such constructions will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. They will become a worthy decoration for any interior. This configuration is becoming more popular among fans of classic design solutions.

A great solution for a balcony

Often, such windows are mounted on a balcony or loggia, especially if the opening is of considerable width.  

Casement window air conditioner is what you will enjoy in this case, as, as we have mentioned, they let plenty of fresh air in. At the request of the owner, part of the wall of the room adjacent to the balcony may be dismantled. Such windows will turn into a light and airy “French window”. And the useful area of ​​the apartment will increase.

Materials for manufacturing 

The products of this type are manufactured in all materials commonly used for other windows such as plastic, wood, and aluminum. Wooden ones are the most common solution for homes. They have a number of advantages, such as:

  • versatility and ease of painting;
  • high thermal insulation;
  • environmental sustainability.

Nevertheless, the most common among consumers are plastic and aluminum windows. The main advantages of those are the following:

  • affordable price (compared to wooden units);
  • high insulation (but it cannot be compared to wood);
  • low maintenance required.


The cost of casement windows is slightly higher than the price for other types. In addition, the cost also varies depending on the material chosen. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who prefer this type of window only. No wonder, as its benefits are impressive.

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