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SEGA Live Stream Event Happening For Sonic’s 30th Anniversary

SEGA has announced a special live stream happening this week, to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary. The first Sonic title made it’s way into our hearts back in 1991 when his game was first released for the Sega Genesis. While we’re not sure what TIME the event will happen, it’ll be sometime on May 27th, 2021.

I have to admit getting a little bit teary when I saw the little girl grow up doing fan art of the character. If you asked me why it’s because I have a little Sonic obsessed kid in my life who also loves to draw the character.

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For the livestream, SEGA teased “upcoming projects, partnerships, and events to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary.” Hopefully that means a new game will be announced since the last one we got was “Sonic Mania” and it’s been four years since that came out in 2017.

We’re also hopeful that they will touch on the movies because we know they just wrapped filming on the second film. In this film we know that we’ll get to see Sonic and Tails, which makes it even more exciting. I just want that sweet tails merch to drop ok?!

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It was revealed earlier today that longtime Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith will be returning to the franchise!

We’re also excited for a new animated series happening on Netflix. There’s so much they could announce. Possibly even a new build-a-bear tails? Or maybe I’m just being hopeful.

Prior to the live stream we’ve learned that Roger Craig Smith is back to voice Sonic in future games. He started started voicing Sonic in 2010’s Sonic Free Riders for the XBox360. He released a statement on Twitter earlier today.

Keep an eye on Sonic’s YouTube channel on May 27th for more information!

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