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The Fail-Proof Plan to Surprising Mom on Mother’s Day Every Year

Your Mom deserves the best during her big day, and staying creative can make Mother’s Day a truly special occasion. When your Mom knows exactly what she’ll get, it can make the day a little stale, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate any effort you give. Still, if you really want to surprise your Mom every year, try these fail-proof tips that are sure to impress!

Taken Enjoyment in Your Mother’s Hobbies

People can change as often as the seasons, and your Mother is no different. Maybe last year, she liked to go hiking during the spring, but since then, she’s switched to gardening. Buying her hiking gear, especially when she spoke about moving on from this hobby, will make her feel like you don’t listen to her. Instead, talk freely about how she spends her free time to surprise her with the perfect present. Telling your Mother that you want to experience her favorite hobby will make her feel happy that you pay attention and are willing to do something she enjoys.

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Buy Them a Subscription Box

There are hundreds of subscription boxes on the market for various interests. For example, The Bouqs Co. offers flowers for Mother’s Day delivered right to your door, but they also have a subscription service that rotates the type of flowers in the box. Subscription boxes are the perfect way to keep gifts interesting and new without having to buy a different individual gift every year. Plus, if she loves the products inside the box, you can keep the subscription going for multiple years. Purchasing another gift on top of the subscription box will also WOW her!

Make a Charitable Donation In Your Moms Honor

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Mothers are known for giving back to the world through their love and compassion for their children. They literally help shape generations, so why not keep her spirit alive by donating to a charity? Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that distributes necessities for children in poverty, will be grateful for a donation of any amount. There are several animal, family, and feminist charities that benefit their communities, and your Mother will feel honored you’re helping those in need.

Always Call Your Mother to Set Up Plans

There is never a wrong time to call your Mom, especially on her big day. You’re welcome to surprise her at her home, but sometimes that isn’t an option due to distance or other restrictions. Regardless of why you can’t see her in person, make sure to call her and set up something interesting, like a movie watching party or an online gaming session. There are plenty of ways you can play classic games like chess, bingo, or cards online. You can share screens with your Mother via Zoom chat to see each other’s reactions during gameplay.

Make or Order Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Your main goal for Mother’s Day is to ensure she does as little as possible, which involves you making her breakfast, taking her out for lunch, or ordering dinner. Feel free to do all three, but you will need to settle on ordering out if you live far away. Opening the door to a paid-for lunch will definitely surprise your Mom. Ask her to join you for a Zoom conversation where you can both eat your ordered meal together. However, if you do live close, sleep over the night before and make her some pancakes with maple syrup. Just don’t wake her up with the smoke alarm!

Learn a Skill Together

Has there always been something your Mother wanted to try but never got around to it? Our Mothers spend most of their free time with their children, which can make it challenging to explore new hobbies. Learning a skill together can cross something off your Mom’s bucket list and also gives you the chance to get closer to her. Maybe you discover how fabulous of a painter she once was or her interest in writing poetry. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast.

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