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How to Write a Well-Structured Essay

A good structure of an essay guarantees 80% of successful work. Although many writers consider structuring something like a commonplace, this step can change a lot in the reader’s perception of the text. We can begin by looking at the example of the essays about literacy. Here you can see the clear division into paragraphs and even without reading these essays looks well-structured. So, what are the keys to a high-quality plan for effective writing? Here you will find the desired answer to this question. 

The aim of an outline

If you think that outlining your paper is significant only for your teacher or the reader, you are mistaken. A good structure has a mission to help the writer and not the reader. You might be surprised but let us explain to you the reason. When you start writing an essay without thinking over the division of paragraphs, selecting arguments, you may risk deviating from the main idea of your paper. It means that your paper may lose its core. Or even worse – you can write it without a clear message at all. Well, if in literature you might call such a text “flow of consciousness,” in academic writing this won’t be your strong side.

The primary purpose of any outline is to help the writer focus on one specific idea. If you see the thesis written on a paper, you will always have to go back to it. However, if you keep it in mind, you may forget some words or change them, thus, altering the sense of your writing. The only well-structured essay may have a solid idea which the writers prove with providing scientific arguments. Make the plan of the article for yourself and not your teacher or the reader. 


Tips for writing a high-quality structure

Before you’ve started googling how to write well-structured essay tips, look at the following recommendations. We have gathered the modern techniques prepared by professional authors. Use some of them, and you will see how easier this process becomes.

PEEL structure

PEEL structure or PEEL paragraphing is a modern method of outline each paragraph separately. Its acronym is formulated the following way:

P – presenting the topic;

E – evaluating the idea;

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E – explains your viewpoint;

L – linking your thought to the next paragraph.

If you stick to this outline all the time you write any paragraph, you will learn how to present your idea in an argumentative way. Lots of professionals say that academic writing is close to Mathematics because you have to keep in mind all those structural formulas. 

Go back to your thesis statement

The core of your preparation should be included in the thesis statement which is situated at the end of the introduction. Then when you have finished writing any paragraph, ask yourself one question: “Does this particular paragraph have a clear relation to the tentative objective?” If you see that the idea mentioned in this or that relevant section has no direct connection to the main message, get rid of it or change it.  You can paint arrows of each sentence or argument which refers to the thesis. If you cannot count at least two of such arrows within the paragraph, then there is something wrong with the text outline.

Interest at the beginning and give food for thought at the end

This recommendation is a very simple one because here we talk about the hook sentence and the last sentence of the conclusion. While preparing an outline, pay close attention to these two elements. Although the main body is the largest one regarding size, the beginning and the end are the most memorable ones. If you do everything well, nobody will keep in mind all the details from the main body. However, the way you begin and end your essay is something readers will remember.

Brainstorm the ideas

For competing for this tip, you only need to prepare separate notes for the introduction and conclusion and do some brainstorming. It is an effective method for creative thoughts which will soon become a part of the essay structure. However, don’t get rid of all those ideas which you have decided to cross out. Why not use those arguments in the main body? You won’t use all of them, but some thoughts might be ideal for proving the argument within the central paragraph. Also, it is an excellent way to show the relation of the internal arguments to the overall message.

Find your way to structure the essay better

There is nothing more effective than practice and personal approach. Try using the mentioned above tips, create your ideas, listen to what your teachers and peers recommend. And never stop practicing. The more structures you prepare, the better they become. So, seize the opportunity and practice your skills whenever possible to show the best result.

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