Surprise: The CW’s “Batwoman” Recasts Kate Kane

Shocking pretty much everyone, The CW’s “Batwoman” series has revealed another surprising twist. Perhaps you’ll recall that series star Ruby Rose suddenly left the DC Comics’ television adaptation rather suddenly. This of course meant that showrunners and the writer’s room needed to make some choices. One of which was obvious- would the character of Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, get recast?

On Sunday night’s episode of The CW series, viewers were treated to a surprise- a brand new Kate Kane, played by Wallis Day (“Krypton“).

In “Batwoman” s2e8 “Survived Much Worse,” Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) head to the island of Coryana. But in the city of Gotham’s sewers, we see Kate Kane wrapped in bandages. NewKate is played by Day.

“Super excited to finally announce I’m joining the cast of Batwoman. I’m sure you can imagine how much this means to me and how incredible it’s been working on the show so far. Everyone’s made me feel so welcome and it’s amazing being back home with my DC family,” Day tweeted about the news.

Batwoman” Showrunner Caroline Dries told TVLine:

“We will watch these two parallel stories of our Bat Team moving on to protect Gotham without being in the shadow of Kate, and Kate going through this complicated and serious journey that will be tough for her and nail-biting to the audience.”

But don’t worry, Javicia Leslie *is* Batwoman, and will remain so in the series, even with Kate Kane’s return.

Catch “Batwoman” on The CW on Sundays, and on HBO Max the following day.

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