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Kid’s Tank with Working Cannon, Rotating Turret from Walmart

Ready to battle it out on the front lawn? Well you can send your kids out with this new Walmart Exclusive Thunder Tank. It’s got a rechargeable 24volt battery and fits kids age 2 to age 11. For smaller kids the seat will fit both. How many of us would have loved to dress up in our Captain America costumes and ridden this on Halloween?

  • Feel the Thunder – Working Cannon shoots plastic shells as you feel the \”boom\” of thunder from speakers in the seat!
  • Swivel Blaster – Your passenger can man the multi-directional swivel blaster. Press the thumb button to unleash the lights and sounds – watch out for crossfire!
  • Rotating Turret – Manually spin the rotating turret to aim the cannon at your desired target. 
  • Ammo at your fingertips – 5 shells are ready for action stored right behind you. 
  • Load the cannon – Lift the loading door, pull back the lever, grab a shell, load the cannon, and release when on target! Boom!!
  • Lights and Sounds – Large red battle lights shine as you roll into battle. Authentic startup sound, cannon boom, and blaster fire. Cross fire also erupts during battle! 
  • Rumble Tread – Unique tire tread provides tank like driving sounds!
  • Authentic Design – Military decals, front tow hook and rear tow hook all help your Thunder Tank feel like the real thing!
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Walmart is selling this kids ride-on for $398 but that’s a small price to pay for the safety of the neighborhood. Imagine a couple of kids shooting big nerfs at the nemesis of the yard. Of course we’re hoping they choose to hit inanimate objects like targets, but if they happen to scare off the local racoon trying to dump out your trash again, good.

Check out the listing for it on Walmart’s website here.

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