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“Hellraiser” Franchise Rights Will Return to Clive Barker in 2021

Clive Barker will be getting the franchise rights to “Hellraiser” back in 2021. He specifically will have the U.S. rights to the franchise as the foreign rights are still up in the air. This exchange will be in full effect on December 19th 2021.

Barker underwent an extensive legal battle to get the film rights restored to him. In 1986, he signed over the rights to both his book, The Hellbound Heart, and the derivative motion picture screenplay entitled “Hellraiser.” With his rights restored any new moves on the franchise will have to go through him and get his blessing first.

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Clive Barker is part of HBO’s upcoming “Hellraiser” series by way of executive producing. They are going to be continuing the existing Pinhead lore instead of rebooting it. This is a welcome idea to fans of the movies since so many other franchises unfortunately get a “refresh” which is what no one ever wants.

Speaking of “refresh,” there is a reboot in the works but we may never get to see it and that might be for the better. The film was to have David Bruckner (director of “Night House”) to helm the film, and the screenplay was going to be penned by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.

But as far as we can find there had been no casting announcements for the film. That could be due to COVID-19 putting a damper on productions. If the film isn’t completed by December 19th, 2021- Barker will have to sign off on it.

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