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Ryan Reynolds Reacts to New “Green Lantern” Drink Using Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds has a booze baby named Aviation Gin. And one thing that is great to have with gin is tonic! He recently reacted to a recipe that ImshinyandIknowit posted on Twitter. It’s been dubbed the “Green Lantern.”

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It looks like a great combo to throw together when you want to watch a bad movie. You can use either a smidge or a lot of gin based on your preferences. Mountain Dew goes great in a lot of things and they’ve even put out a cookbook recently. But our definite favorite is Mountain Dew and Gin.

If you wanted to you could also use Code Red (mmm… code red) and create another beauty of a drink I’m going to call the “Red Lantern.” RAGE! And if you want to try Mountain Dew’s new watermelon flavor with it then more power to you. Watermelon Mountain Dew is due to come out in January 2021, so something to look forward to. Though there’s no pink in the rainbow so it doesn’t really have a lantern name but we’re sure it will taste delicious so that’s reason enough to try it.

What’s your favorite recipe using gin? Tell us in the comments!

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