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Watermelon Mountain Dew Will be Available in 2021!

Watermelon is one of my absolute favorite flavors. And while I love this flavor for me it’s definitely hard to find it in a sugar free version. Luckily though, Mountain Dew is rolling out a new watermelon flavored drink and they will have regular and sugar free versions.

New Mountain Dew Major Melon is expected to hit shelves in January! The Dew is watermelon flavored and will be available in both regular and zero sugar. They will be sold as 20 fl oz bottles, packs of six 16.9 fl oz bottles, and 12 packs of cans.

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If you were looking forward to next year because it has to be better than 2020- then here’s one more thing to add to your list.

Thanks to Candyhunting on Instagram, we know that the flavor will be available starting January 2021.

We’re definitely excited for it.

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