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You Totally Need a “Schitt’s Creek” Holiday Party Delivered in a Box!

If you’re looking for a fun way to party this holiday season then look no further. Damn Good Shindig is offering pre-made party boxes that you can have delivered to your closest friends and family! This holiday doesn’t have to be a bust- grab a box, decorate your place, and hop on a zoom call for some Schitty quality time!

Photo by Ian Van der Werff

This “Schitt’s Creek” themed box comes with all sorts of accoutrements and is beautifully designed inside and out to look like something you could purchase in Rose Apothecary.

You get:

A Snow Globe Craft: You can craft your snowglobe while talking to others about their year! It has an acrylic “Rosebud Motel” sign, Mini Xmas tree, Glitter snow and the instructions for putting it all together!

Image Credit: Ian Van der Werff

Decorative Banners: Make your home feel a little bit more Schitty by hanging the banners that come with the box. The first one says “Have a Schitty Holiday” and the second (which is by far my favorite) is a collection of Moira’s wigs. You can even play a game with your zoom mates of “Guess the name of Moira’s wigs” or you can playfully name them each yourself.

Image Credit: Ian Van der Werff

A Wearable: Each box comes with a silver pom pom necklace that we know Moira would love to pair with one of her favorite outfits. You get more points if you pull out one of your obscure cosplay wigs to pair with it.

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A Cup and Straw Dressing: You get a milkshake glass with a black and white straw that you can use for the recipes mentioned below. Even if you don’t make what they suggest you can use this cup for any other adult beverage you have handy. Even Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wine would work well. Bonus points is it comes with a cute straw dressing of one of David’s most recognizable sweaters adorned with the famous phrase said by Alexis, “Ew, David.”

Image Credit: Ian Van der Werff

Recipes: You get a couple of fun recipes in the box that you can make while partying. “Rose Family Gingersnaps” and “Boozy Eggnog Milkshake” will make for an excellent time. You will have to buy the ingredients separately so make sure you open and decorate before your online party. And these recipes are very easy. Nothing that requires folding in the cheese.


This weekend, Dec. 19 and 20, they are running a special where they will no-contact deliver any of their holiday boxes for our Los Angeles customers – for free! Code is FreeDeliveryLA.

You can check out the listing for their “Schitts Creek” party box by clicking the link here.

More party boxes are available on

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