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8-Hour Yuletide Dumpster Fire is the Perfect Close to 2020

This year has been one for the books and not in a good way. Many calamities happened including a worldwide pandemic. People are hopeful that next year will be better, but there is no guarantee it will be. So what can we do to make ourselves feel a little bit better this year as we close out 2020? How about watching an 8-hour yuletide dumpster fire burning away all the awful, terrible bullsh*t of this year?

amfmyeg on YouTube

Thanks to amfmyeg on YouTube, I think we can all find comforting this year. It encompasses exactly how we feel this year was. A giant dumpster fire.

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Yes it’s silly, but somehow it really does make us feel better to watch this. Especially if we can’t gather with our family as we’d like to. And if you can gather this would be a great video to put on while opening presents with your family.

If this isn’t your style last year we wrote about some other nerdy yule logs that you may want to put on. Check out that article here.

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