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7 Fun Yule Log Options This Holiday Season

Having lived in apartments for the better part of 10 years now, I can say one thing. Man do I miss a fireplace. Especially around Christmas Time when everyone gathers around the fire to open gifts and toss the wrapping paper in to fuel the flames. Or maybe that’s just my family… Faux fireplaces are expensive and personally I would rather just put YouTube up on the TV and watch a pretend fire burn. Sure you don’t get the smell of a fire, but it does the trick when no one is watching TV and you just need some background ambiance. Not like anything is sacred these days, have you seen that horrible KFC yule log? Pray for the family that has to smell that.


Earlier this week Sony released a 10 hour Yule Log video for the push of the new Venom DVD. Not my personal favorite but it is 10 hours long so if you take 10 hours to open gifts then maybe this one will fit the bill. Plus if you actually wanted to see Venom in something this year where he doesn’t take an hour into a two hour movie to show up, Here you go.


This one is super cute with little pokemon noises thrown in throughout the video. The pokemon are pixelated and adorable. This is my personal pick for this year’s Christmas Celebration at my house.

‘Lil’ Bub

Now it seems ‘Lil’ Bub comes out with these every year because there are quite a few to pick from. This one has not only the sounds of a crackling fire but also the purring of the cutest little deformed kitten cat you have ever seen. Choose this one for the grumpy animal lovers this holiday. Unfortunately Lil Bub passed in 2019. But we can still put him on and remember how cute she was. RIP LIL BUB.

Budweiser Dalmatian and Clydesdale

Here is another one where you get to see an animal sit for extended periods of time. Actually they do move around a bit in this one, walking in frame and out of frame and eventually being fed treats so they stay. I like to create narratives for what’s going on behind the scenes and this one is perfect because there is a live horse and dog. Notice how the horse’s butt is out of frame. I’m pretty sure that’s so you can’t see it poop.

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Nick Offerman

This one is great. If you love the character Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation and you love him soo much that you are willing to pretend that Nick Offerman is none other than that incarnation of that beautiful man by all means slap this one on the tv. It’s another 10 hour looped video so you’re welcome.

Eye of Sauron

Ready to watch the Eye of Sauron crackle at you for five hours? Or rather have the Eye of Sauron watch YOU. Fully equipped with the sounds of a crackling fire you would never know you were being watched if you didn’t look at the screen.

Star Wars with Ewok Dog

Star Wars Doggo dressed as an Ewok? Yes please! Here is a video of an Ewok dog with props!

Burning Darth Vader

OMG this one is so DARK. You basically get to watch as Darth Vader’s body is burned by flame for an hour set to Christmas music. I may have changed my mind, this one might top the list. Actually you know what? This is it. This is the yule log to end all yule logs. You’re Welcome.

Which will you pick to put on this Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

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