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Responsibly Enjoy the Holiday: Social Distancing Sweater with Alarms

Want a way to tell grandma in the nicest possible way to back off? Well now you can with this Social Distancing Sweater by SimpliSafe. The perfect sweater for social distancing this holiday with [literally] all the bells and whistles on. Or in this case lights and alarms.


The tech-enabled sweater, which features integrated motion sensors that sound a SimpliSafe siren whenever someone gets within six feet, is a cheeky way for people to spread holiday cheer, while kindly letting others know they’ve come too close.

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Wade Devers, Creative Director at SimpliSafe, had this to say about the sweater:

“Heading into the holiday season, it became clear that the typical stressors and logistics of the holidays were going to be exacerbated this year. We saw an opportunity to tap into these challenges and the pervasive sentiment of unease. As the experts on protection, albeit home protection, we wanted to give people a playful way to protect themselves during this year’s holiday celebrations. It’s really meant to bring some lightheartedness to a time that’s otherwise proven very stressful.”

While the tech-enabled Social Distancing Sweater is a prototype, SimpliSafe will be giving away a limited quantity of sweater replicas that feature the same unofficial six-foot measuring markers, but without the electronics and sensors at The microsite will also feature DIY tech-install instructions, so that experienced electronics tinkers can techify their own festive apparel.

This is a great way to tell others to keep away. Of course you could always do what I do and start singing “Don’t Stand Too Close to Me” by The Police. If you’re too shy to let it be known however this sweater is the next best option.

But also, be responsible, and stay the f**k home. We’re really tired of all this lockdown.

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