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Here Are Dumpster Fire Candles You Can Watch Burn to the Ground

You ever just feel like trash? No matter what you do sometimes there’s just days when you feel like nothing is going right and everything is wrong. Days like that the term “Dumpster Fire” is appropriate to describe how you feel your life is going.

The story of how the candle started is pretty inspiring in itself. Back in 2016, North Carolina Filmmaker Meredith Schmidt was having a really lousy time. She began using term and was inspired to create this wonderfully satisfying line of candles. Now normally you can’t light a dumpster on fire, but these ones are perfectly fine to do so. So if you ever needed a symbolic reminder of what you feel on the inside now you can burn a candle and hopefully by the time it finishes the feeling would have passed.

Artify – Square
Dumpster Fire Collection Lit
Keep Going!
1 of 915

Puff, Puff, Pass: notes of wood, regret and leather
Resting Beach Face: notes of the ocean, orchid and judgment
Coffee and Cigarettes: notes of coffee, smoke and apathy
You Ruined Christmas: notes of cedarwood, frasier fir tree and shitty gifts
Table for One: notes of absolutely nothing

These candles actually smell amazing. They each have an 8-10 hour burn time and are made of Soy Wax. They do recommend that you only burn them for an hour at a time so that the candle doesn’t burn through the walls of the dumpster and leak out all of the wax. But hey if that happens, your dumpster fire of a day just got a little more.. dumpster fiery.

You can check them out at the website

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