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Relax With Your Cat: Get Them a Catnip Doobie

Remember how they made wine for cats? That was one way that you could sit back and enjoy the evening with your feline friend. But what if you don’t drink? What if you have a more.. recreational hobby? Well that’s where Catnip Doobie can help you and your cat chill together. Sit back and relax while you both enjoy your favorite plants.

illumiknitiDesign on Etsy is selling Catnip Doobies for $7.93. A pretty good price for your cat to have a good time.


If you want to have one of the best laughs in your life, you need a kitty doobie.

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Made of acrylic yarn, with polyester stuffing. Yarn is secured so this toy is safe to play with.

Catnip is secured in a paper teabag so there won’t be little pieces coming out.

What’s really nice is that they had the forethought to put the catnip in tea paper so that you won’t have a mess around the house. If your cat is anything like mine he’s going to want to take this thing everywhere with him. Just like a puppy carries around their favorite toy.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here or clicking on the image above.

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