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Thanksgiving Dinner Scented Candle Here for the Holidays

For many of us Thanksgiving is going to be a lot different this year. Those who would typically travel to their families houses to spend the holidays are going to be stuck at home. And even if you could fly, because of the pandemic flying may not be a safe option for those who are immunocompromised. So for those of you who are looking for a way to make your home feel like the holidays and don’t know how to prepare you’re own Thanksgiving dinner, there is now this candle which will help aid in the feeling of nostalgia.

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Now it may not even be that you don’t know how to cook. Maybe you just don’t want to. For those who don’t you can grab one of these candles that smell like a nice warm homecooked meal and enjoy your tv dinner for one. I know that Banquet sells a rather cheap turkey dinner. And Hungry Man sells a slightly larger version of it for more money.

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Buttery mashed potatoes and salted gravy join delicious notes of sage stuffing, sweetened with a hint of cranberry sauce.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here. And if you’re lucky get this along with the Thanksgiving candy corn they’re selling at Walgreen’s. Each piece tastes like a different part of a Thanksgiving meal.

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