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These Differently-Abled Dolls Are Great for Kids and Parents

One thing that is currently way underrepresented in the doll community is differently abled dolls. Sure some companies try to be more inclusive but if you really want something that will speak to your child you may want to check out Bright Ears over on Etsy. She has created a line of dolls with things like feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, cochlear implants and cleft lips to help kids understand others as well as themselves.

Bright Ears
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The dolls range from $30-$50, and can be used as a way to soothe children or teach them about others who may have differently abled siblings. They sell a variety of cleft lip dolls that could be used to help an older child understand the needs of their new little brother or sister who may have been born with a cleft lip.

Bright Ears
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The also sell a variety of different looking cochlear implants. The seller has a child who is deaf and started out by wanting to make dolls that her kid would relate to. And that’s how Bright Ears was born.

Bright Ears

They also have these dolls with heart surgery scars and other scars from surgeries that are common for small children.

You can check out the Bright Ears page here.

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