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Haunted Halloween Houses That Are Purrfect For Your Cat

Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique has some adorably spooky cat houses this year. They have a total of four different options all within a pretty reasonable price range, and I wish I knew about these sooner!

Click on the images to go the official item listing on Target’s website.

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Each house has corrugated cardboard scratch pads inside, the top floor of the two story house you’ll have to put a blanket or something cozy for them to lay on. It’s great for cats that like to scratch up things because this will also keep the mess contained. Just use the hose of your vacuum to get out the pieces that they pull up from the cardboard to keep it fresh for them.

They also have some cool Christmas Cat houses but we’ll go in depth about those later. Let’s keep it to Halloween for now since it’s fast approaching. Seriously where did the year go?

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