DRACULA: The Evidence- Van Helsing’s Dream Kickstarter from Beehive Books

Every so often we find a Kickstarter campaign that we’ve just GOT to share with you, and “DRACULA: The Evidence” is the perfect Halloween project to highlight.

DRACULA: The Evidence is an entirely new way to experience Stoker’s masterpiece: through an actual physical research dossier full of ephemera, correspondence, clues and artifacts. It’s the entire original text of Dracula, presented as a gorgeously designed and curated briefcase full of maps, letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and phonograph records. We teamed up with Dracula expert and the author’s great-grand nephew Dacre Stoker to bring you the most immersive way imaginable to experience this masterpiece of Gothic horror.

Like, seriously- it’s no wonder Beehive Books already blew through their first goal by almost double the amount.

Check out the project here.

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