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Netflix Lands Elf on a Shelf Full Catalog, Will Develop Multiple Projects

While we’re still basking in the darkness of Spooky Season, there’s another holiday looming on the horizon. One with a mascot who likes to sit and watch every little thing you do before a large man breaks into your house and leaves you gifts.

We’re talking of course of Elf on a Shelf (which you already know we don’t care for because HE’S CREEPY).

Just this morning, streaming giant Netflix announced that they’ve entered into a partnership with The Lumistella Company, home to the perennial best seller The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition.

Netflix will develop engaging original content – live-action and animated – in partnership with the creators of the beloved Christmas classics, for pre-school audiences, as well as for family audiences through both series and film.

The Elf On The Shelf was created by Chanda Bell, Christa Pitts, and Carol Aebersold. The creators will remain involved and serve as producers and executive producers on upcoming films and shows.

Bell, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of The Lumistella Company said in a statement about the partnership:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix to create immersive and engaging original stories of Santa’s North Pole while providing heartfelt family-entertainment to fans all over the world. We are also pleased that fans in North America don’t have to wait to delve into the world of The Elf on the Shelf and their friendly Elf Pets, with the streaming giant carrying our newest animated Elf Pets titles this Christmas. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with Netflix to bring joyful family moments to life. This moment is a dream come true.”

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Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee (The Lego Movie, How to Train Your Dragon) and Miri Yoon will serve as a producers on all The Elf On The Shelf content on Netflix.

We do really love the poem Netflix sent out with the announcement:

‘Twas early October and the crew at Netflix  
were already keen for a holiday fix.   
Though some said, “Too early! It’s too warm to care,”   
the crew knew a special guest soon would be there.  
No longer a secret to keep for themself…  
What’s heading to Netflix? The Elf on the Shelf!   
Throughout the North Pole, the work has begun  
on series, and movies, and specials to run.  
Animation… live action… both will appear  
to deliver the world some holiday cheer.   
In Tokyo. In Mumbai. From Montreal to Rome.  
On a plane, on a train or in the comfort of home.  
Whatever the name that you’ve given your elf,   
soon Scout Elves will stream from Netflix’s shelf!  
Santa’s own press room was quick to provide  
a glimpse of what’s coming, and stated with pride:  
“We’re thrilled to share stories of our North Pole friends,  
bringing tales from the region where joy never ends!  
The Elf Pets, our pals, will join us, of course!  
You’ll get brand-new stories, straight from the source!  
Our love for the world will be easy to see,  
You’ll soon hear us sing in Italian, Thai and Hindi.  
While we’re hard at work creating more stories and cheer,  
there’s two Elf Pets specials on Netflix this year!”

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