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These Bat Shelves on Etsy are Perfect for a Spooky Home

One thing that you never think you will be into when you get older is home decor. That stuff just always feels so off to the side when you’re little. Mom and dad just took care of it and it’s not until you get a little older that you realize you want things a certain way. And whether that means picking out your own themes for your bedroom or just finding cool accessories to place around, it makes a big difference in how homey somewhere feels to you. These bat shelves on Etsy are honestly some of the coolest shelves I’ve seen and even though it’s now time to decorate for Halloween, I’m definitely keeping these bad boys up all year round.

CopperMoonBoutique on Etsy

CopperMoonBoutique has these shelves for sale for $50 for one and $80 for both and they look so worth it. These are something that you can use to class up any space. Pair them with crystals or skulls and call it a day.

From the listing:

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Our unique bat shelves are a sacred place to store your crystals, made out of Poplar wood and stained in a matt black colour this spirit animal shelf is an intricate design for your home!

The bat spirit animal is the night’s guardian, just like the owl spirit animal. It lurks in the dark with senses on high alert. When the bat totem makes its presence felt in your life, it means that you have to prepare for major changes and transitions

This shelf is designed so it can sit on a flat surface as a tray or it can hang on the wall with the included attachments

If you want to check out the listing you can do so by clicking the link here.

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