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Trailer for the Final 7 Episodes of “Supernatural” is Here

Queue Boys II Men, because the road so far has come to the end of the road. After 15 seasons, the last 7 episodes of “Supernatural” arrive on The CW October 8th. Premiering September 23rd 2005, the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester have been an integral part of fans’ lives for 15 years.

Though the original intentions were to end after season 5, the show has been powered by both the fans and creators alike. The ending seems bittersweet for everyone. It may be time to call it quits, but it’s still sad to see it go. The final trailer for the last 7 episodes have been shared via the official “Supernatural” Twitter page today.

Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki took to twitter to share emotional messages during the filming of the finale. Both actors have expressed their enjoyment of working on the show and together, as they are the best of friends in real life. With the new “Supernatural” trailer out, fans have to gear up and get the tissues, because this is truly it. The last demon, the last burger, and the last slice of pie. And the last Carry on my Wayward Son.

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I have a number of theories about “Supernatural” will end, but I’ll keep quiet until October when we get a chance to watch it all unfold. For now, you can read the reviews of seasons 1-5 here and seasons 6-15 here. All available episodes are currently on Netflix. Fair warning: It’s about 229 hours of television, so if you’re trying to catch up before the premiere, you better get started now.

You can watch the newest “Supernatural” trailer below.

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