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Milestone Comics Returns in 2021, “Static Shock” Movie Planned

One of our favorite panels during today’s DC FanDome event was a last minute addition, all about the history of Milestone Comics. And, the return of the imprint in 2021!

Marc Bernardin moderated the panel, and he was joined by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, Milestone partner/producer Reginald Hudlin, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan, and Phil LaMarr.

During the panel, Hudlin confirmed plans for a live-action “Static Shock” film, assumably through Warner Bros. Pictures.

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“We’re talking with other divisions at Warner Bros, even those in animated about doing (Milestone Media) feature films, and we’re also involved in extending the Milestone characters into new media, like podcasts with a series of stories on podcast. We want to deliver Milestone Media on whatever platform you want,” Hudlin said during the panel.

Phil LaMarr, who voiced the animated Fox Kids version of hero Static Shock, REALLY wants to be involved. We love this idea.

Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan said of the Milestone imprint revamp: 

“DC, Reggie Hudlin, and I are really looking forward to showing all the Milestone fans what we’ve been cooking up for you! We are all very excited about the new books, some new characters and old favorites from the Dakota Universe! Milestone Forever,” Cowan said. 

We will of course let you know what else we hear about this news.

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